What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?

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Gone are the days when you needed a wooden spoon to blend your food. Thanks to technological advancements, we now have blenders Trusted Source Blender - Wikipedia blender (sometimes called a mixer or liquidiser in British English) is a kitchen and laboratory appliance used to mix, crush, purée or emulsify food and other substances. A stationary blender consists of a blender container with a rotating metal blade at the bottom, powered by an electric motor that is in the base.  en.m.wikipedia.org . There are different types of blenders designed for different purposes. For instance, some are great for making smoothies, while some are excellent for making soup.

We understand how complicated it can get when trying to buy the right blender. The difficulty is usually due to a lack of the right information. Don’t fret because we’ve got you covered. We will be discussing the various types of blenders and how they can help you.

Moreover, this article will be telling you the right type of blender for your specific need and what to consider before making your choice. Trust us, you’re about to learn every important information about types of blenders. Ride along with us as we explore the world of blenders!

What Are The Different Types Of Blenders?

Contrary to what some people think, there are different types of blenders for different purposes. Some blender types include hand blenders, countertop blenders, single-serve blenders, immersion blenders, amongst others. While some blenders provide specific functions as we hinted before, some models provide multiple functions. We will be dissecting all of them below.

1.      Single-serve Blenders

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Single-serve blenders – also known as bullet blenders – are the models you want to have in your home if you want an option for making smoothies. They typically come in different sizes. While most can make a single-serve drink, others have the capacity to make a double-serve drink.

Single-serve blenders come with a ‘bullet’ shaped container where you’ll pour your ingredients and a chopping blade which you’ll screw to the top. After setting them up, they chop up ice and frozen fruit to produce your favorite smooth drink. As if that wasn’t enough, this type of blender is also ideal for making other liquid recipes.

Also, single-serve blenders can help you with baby food preparation if you’re a nursing mother or you have a baby. You can use these blenders to make pureed food quickly and get your baby fed.


  • They offer high speed to quickly turn your chunky foods into a smooth liquid
  • Their blades are securely contained inside the container, making them safe to use, even for children
  • They don’t take much space


  • Single-serve blenders may leak

2.      Hand Mixers

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Do you remember the old-fashioned eggbeaters? We are sure you do. Hand mixers can be described as the electric versions of the eggbeaters. Instead of doing their job manually like the old-fashioned eggbeaters, hand mixers use electric power to get the job done. Hand mixers may come with different attachments, but they’re designed for mixing ingredients.

Essentially, hand mixers use multiple attachments and varying speeds to aid baking and desserts. That’s not to say their use is limited to whipping up meringue, you can use them to beat other foods together if there’s the need to. In addition, they’re quite lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another.


  • They are lightweight
  • They are easy to use
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are economical options for bakers


  • They can’t be used to create a smooth batter due to lack of cutting blades
  • Most hand mixers can’t get through a heavy dough-like shortbread.

3.      Immersion Blenders

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Immersion blenders are very common because they’re personal blenders. They are typically designed with a comfortable handle at an end and a chopping blade with a safety guard at the other end. Moreover, immersion blenders are best used to blend hot liquids and soups. Apart from that, they are ideal for quick mixes.

Also, with these blenders, making protein shakes, making use of powdered milk, making smoothies or frozen drinks are all effortless. We must note that immersion blenders have a strong reputation for blending with no limit.


  • Very safe to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Most are dishwasher-safe


  • You may not get a seed-free smoothie

4.      Countertop/Jug Models

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Countertop blenders – also known as jug blenders – are some of the most popular on the market, largely due to their abilities to do many things. For instance, these blenders are designed to create great drinks. They typically boast almost two-liter or 64-oz capacity, so you can count on them when it comes to making your favorite drink for your family or a party.

However, some countertop blenders are designed for only cold liquids, so they won’t be ideal for blending hot liquids. You’ll have to check carefully to ascertain that before you buy or use your unit. With these blenders, you can easily keep smoothie ingredients and flying ice from flying around when blending. But steam from hot ingredients causes pressure to build up, which can lead to an explosion.

Also, you can use countertop blenders to make excellent ice blocks or alcohol ice blocks for an exciting adult treat at parties.


  • They can mix most ingredients
  • They feature multiple speed settings
  • New versions are quite easy to clean by only blending a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water for a few seconds


  • They are bulky due to their large capacity
  • They can be very noisy

5.      Commercial Blenders

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Commercial blenders are the models to consider if you are looking for powerful options. Just like their name hinted, these blenders are heavy-duty, professional machines. They are perfect for you if you’re a heavy user because they’re designed to blend very robust ingredients to perfection. They typically sport a powerful motor and different speed settings that allow easy blending of even large amounts of food.

Besides, commercial blenders are ideal for making large batches of hummus or creating iced drinks or smoothies at least once daily. Trust us, you want to have a commercial blender in your kitchen if you’ll be making blended foods and drinks more than once daily.

Moreover, commercial blenders are ideal for large businesses such as bars and restaurants. These businesses can easily pulverize ice, nut butter, vegetables, and fruits while working on shakes, soups, and ice cream. Commercial blenders can do it all.


  • Perfect for high users
  • Ideal for most foods from soft pumpkin to harder roasted nuts for butter


  • Generally expensive, no thanks to the very powerful motor

6.      Stand Mixers

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Stand mixers – also known as cake mixers – are similar to hand mixers. However, they are more powerful and often used for heavy purposes. Although most users use these mixers to mix cake ingredients, they feature different attachments that can transform them from a basic mixer to a very versatile kitchen appliance.

Besides, the presence of whisk attachments makes stand mixers ideal for meringues, without the need to stand over the machine while reaching for the right consistency. Thanks to the mixers’ powerful motor and different speeding settings, you can mix up the very sticky and heavy dough.

Some mixers give you the option of adding food grinders, blenders, or even pasta-cutting tools to provide more functions.

  • Pros:
  • Perfect for a home baker
  • Mixes up the very sticky and heavy dough


  • Bulky
  • Not very easy to clean

7.      Frozen Drink Makers

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Frozen drink makers are just what they are called: makers of frozen drinks. When it comes to making delicious frozen drinks such as slushies, soda, daiquiris, and margaritas, frozen drink makers are perfect for the occasion. They usually come in varying capacities to hold your desired amount of drink.  They generally make a loud noise which can be uncomfortable for some but it’s inevitable if you want your favorite frozen drink.

Trust us, frozen drink makers are also your go-to machines to make slushie drinks, snow cones, or shaved ice. We must let you know that a lot of mess comes with making frozen drinks. Easy-to-clean drink makers are the smart choice of the mess in a flash because you can’t avoid it. Add thirst-quenching fun to your occasion with frozen drink makers.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides quick frozen drinks


  • Noisy

8.      All-in-One Models

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Have you ever thought about a blender that can blend your vegetables, mix your cake batter, create your favorite smoothies, and provide more functions? You can make your thought a reality by buying an all-in-one blender. All-in-one models are designed with versatility in mind. With them, you can do more with less.

Moreover, all-in-one models are usually the traditional or jug blenders. When it comes to mixing, whipping, chopping, pureeing, and blending, these blenders are ideal for the functions. All-in-one blenders center around a high-torque power base unit that powers them to perform the various functions.

Apart from being versatile, these models are cost-effective and they help you avoid spending on other types of blenders.


  • They are very versatile
  • They are very powerful
  • They are cost-effective


  • They can’t perform some specific functions as well as specialized models

Types by Jar Material

You must know by now that blenders have different jar materials ranging from glass to plastic to metal. Of course, these materials have many differences and their peculiar benefits as well as their disadvantages. While the jar material doesn’t have a significant influence on blender performance or efficiency, ingredients might not blend as smoothly as expected if the plastic’s interior is scratched.

Moreover, the different jar materials differ in weight, clarity, and durability. Although the final buying decision will come down to the style, look, and preference, we will describe the three different materials below and help you learn more about them.

  1. Plastic

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Plastic is arguably the most common jar material for blenders. This is largely due to its durability and low weight. Plastic blenders are not prone to breakage if they are dropped. They’re also easy to handle thanks to their lightweight nature. However, plastic blenders can scratch easily. Scratches are unavoidable when you blend hard food items or ice.

Ultimately, plastic blenders are excellent options thanks to their relatively lower prices. We advise that you avoid models with BPA to protect your safety.

  1. Glass

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?While the look is not everything, it’s surely a huge part of it. Glass jar is usually favored as a result of its unique look, clarity, vintage appeal, and build. Also, it neither scratches nor discolors, nor absorbs food odor like a plastic jar does. It doesn’t matter if you use a glass jar to crush ice, it will retain its clarity for a long time.

As if that wasn’t enough, a glass jar is quite durable and has no impact on your food. However, it can easily break if dropped. It is also quite heavy compared to a jar material like plastic.

  1. Metal

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Metal is another jar material for blenders. This jar material is most appreciated by professional chefs. As you would have expected, it’s virtually unbreakable, making it a very durable option. However, metal blenders are relatively expensive.

Also, you cannot monitor the blended contents since the jar is not clear and you won’t be able to see the inside. While some users don’t see any problem with this limitation as long as the blender produces the desired results, others don’t fancy it. Ultimately, the choice is in your hands and you’ll have to choose based on your preference.

Best Types of Blenders For Juicing

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Who says you can’t be in the comfort of your home and make delicious fruit juice? With the right blender, you can produce fresh and natural fruit juice for your family. But what is that right blender? The right blender features high-speed blades that squeeze and grind your preferred fruits to extract their juice.

Below, we will delve more into what to look for in the perfect blender for juicing. Before that, the types of blenders that are best for juicing include single-serve, immersion, countertop, commercial, and all-in-one blenders. These are the factors you should consider before choosing a blender for juicing:

  1. Power

The power of a blender strongly determines how well the unit can blend fruits into a juice. For instance, a lower-wattage motor can serve you well if you mostly blend softer fruits. But if you blend harder vegetables such as carrots, you need to consider a stronger motor with at least 1,500 watts of power.

  1. Blades

After power, blades are the most important parts of the blender because they do all of the juicing work. The ideal blender for juicing features high-quality extractor blades that do the extracting and blending works. Preferably, the blades should be made of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel.

  1. Capacity

The capacity of a blender determines the quantity of juice you will be able to make. If you want to make single servings, you can go for a low-capacity blender. But if you’ll like to make large quantities, you need a model with a higher capacity jar.

  1. Blender with a juicer attachment

The ideal juicing blender should also come with juicer attachments that are designed to extract the juice seamlessly. The juice-extracting attachments help you to blend the pulp of the veggies and fruits into a container while the juice seeps out into another.

Best Types Of Blenders For Smoothies

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?By now, you’re most probably aware that not all blenders can help you make your favorite smoothies because they’re not designed to do that. Thankfully, there are several blenders designed to create smoothies. The best types of blenders for smoothies include single-serve, commercial, and all-in-one blenders.

Let’s discuss some of the factors hoy should consider when buying a blender for smoothies.

  1. High-Speed Motor

Smoothies require a blender with a powerful high-speed motor. High-speed motors allow you to chop and blend ice, vegetables, and frozen fruits that would bog down slow-speed blades. You will need a blender with up to 1,000 watts of power so that you chop a lot of frozen foods, ice, and vegetables.

  1. Various Speeds

The best blenders feature different speed settings. If you want the perfect blender to make smoothies, you should choose a model that features at least three settings for great versatility to better handle different tasks.

  1. Pitcher Size

When making your favorite smoothies, your pitcher’s size is a huge factor because it determines the quantity you’re going to make. If you’ll be making smoothies for several people, you should choose a model with a large pitcher size. You can choose a lower size if you’re going to be making smoothies for only yourself.

  1. Ease of Use

A machine that’s not easy to operate is almost useless. You want a blender that is easy to use to make your smoothies. The ideal blender for smoothies should have easy-to-use and easy-to-understand features for smooth operations.

Popular Blender Brands

There are different brands of blenders on the market. No doubt, the quality of a product often depends on the brand. Today, Ninja and Vitamix are the two most popular blender brands. Below, we will discuss what distinguish each brand and some of their top models.

Types of Ninja Blenders

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?Every chef – home or professional – loves getting a fantastic performance from their blender. That’s what you get from Ninja blenders. They’re designed to make kitchen tasks much easier for you. There are many types of models of ninja blenders on the market you can choose from.

However, we consider the Ninja BL610 Professional Blender to be the best unit from the brand. The reason for our conclusion is not farfetched: the model combines great features to deliver excellent performance and ease of use. The blender features a powerful 1000-watt motor as well as a six-blade assembly for great speed and consistent results.

Apart from making quick work of sauces, purees, vegetables, and more, it also crushes ice easily. The device is dishwasher safe, so you’re guaranteed of ease of cleaning.

Another type of Ninja blender is the Ninja BL450 Pro that also offers amazing performance. It features a powerful 900-watt motor that promises quick and consistent results. With the model’s extractor blades, you can easily crush through seeds, skins, stems, and ice for amazing smoothies and juices. It manually pulses to easily crush seeds, ice, and frozen ingredients.

Like the Ninja BL610 Professional Blender, the Ninja BL450 Pro is also dishwasher safe, ensuring ease of cleaning.

Types of Vitamix Blenders

What Types of Blenders Exist and Which to Choose?If you’re a lover of perfect sauce or a nicely blended smoothie, Vitamix blenders are great for you. Although they have a reputation for being costlier than most blenders, their versatility quite makes up for the difference in price. No doubt, they deliver good value for the money. With the best Vitamix blenders, you can make perfect sauces, salad dressings, chop puree, frozen drinks, chilled soups, and even more.

The Vitamix 5200 blender is arguably the best model from the brand. It features different speed settings, amazing power, and large capacity thanks to its self-cleaning 64-ounce container. With the fast-moving blades, you will be able to bring cold ingredients to steaming hot in only a few minutes.

The Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Blender is another top option. It features a powerful motor to tackle any kitchen task. Apart from that, the device boasts five program settings: hot soups, dips & spreads, smoothies, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning. The blender also features different speed settings with pulse feature as well as programmable timer.

Final Thoughts

Blenders make every task in the kitchen easier: from helping you to make your favorite soup to helping you to make delicious smoothies. As we have established in this article, different types of blenders provide different functions. For instance, single-serve blenders are perfect for making juices and smoothies while hand mixers are great for whipping up baking ingredients. Also, all-in-one models offer various functions.

Moreover, these types of blenders vary in features and performances that define their functions. Also, they boast different jar materials, leaving you to make a choice based on your preference. With brands like Ninja and Vitamix in the picture, you can acquire a high-quality blender for the right purpose. Ultimately, you should look to choose a type of blender that suits your needs and possesses the required power and capacity to deliver the desired performances.


Blender - Wikipedia
blender (sometimes called a mixer or liquidiser in British English) is a kitchen and laboratory appliance used to mix, crush, purée or emulsify food and other substances. A stationary blender consists of a blender container with a rotating metal blade at the bottom, powered by an electric motor that is in the base. 
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