5 Wonderful Vacuum Sealers for Liquids – No-Spill Food Saving

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CookSpot is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.

Having a busy schedule prompts you to make and store food for easy access later. You can also keep soup or other liquids fresh but you will have to invest in the best vacuum sealer for liquids. While this may sound like an easy fete, the large number of vacuum sealers make it an arduous task. Gladly, we are here to help you choose the perfect equipment for the job.

We got the chance to review 42 vacuum sealers for liquids before preparing this comprehensive review. As you can imagine, this took us a couple of weeks but we had fun trying out the different brands. We also worked with various professionals and manufacturers to help determine the best product. The Foodsaver V4400 stood out in our review, and for good reasons. As our editor’s choice, it impressed us with its exceptional functionality, easy to use design, versatility and other useful features.

Not every vacuum sealer can seal liquid foodstuffs. In our review, we considered many features before choosing the best vacuum sealer. These include the weight, dimensions, power, warranty and bag width among others. These features will help you select the best vacuum sealer depending on your needs. The review starts with a table of all products and is followed by an in-depth review of each product. Lastly, you will find a buyers guide that gives you all you need to know before making that purchase.

Top 5 Vacuum Sealers for Liquids Review 2022


Foodsaver V4400Editor’s Choice

  • Bag width: 8, 11 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 lb
  • Guarantee: 5-year limited
  • Dimensions: 11 x 20 x 12 in
  • Power: 127 W

More features: LED indicators, CrushFree™ instant sealing, handheld sealer, vacuuming progress display, built-in cord storage, automatic bag sensors and moisture detection, removable drip tray

With the prices of food skyrocketing over the past few years, this vacuum sealer will come in handy to help you save cash. The Foodsaver V4400 has 2 closure seals to ensure that the food or liquid preserving process is done appropriately. Vacuum sealed meat using the Foodsaver V4400 will keep it fresh for about 3 years while vegetables will be preserved for a year. Although you may want to preserve liquids, this is not the most effective vacuum sealer you can get for that.

The automatic bag detection feature in this appliance also comes in handy. All you have to do is fill the plastic bag with what you want to seal and place the open side on the sealing area. The appliance will then detect the bag and start sucking the air out of it. You do not have to press any button as the machine starts on itself. The Foodsaver V4400 also allows you to store a roll of plastic material inside the sealer for easier access.

You get two sealing options including the main sealing area and a vacuum hose. With the hand-held vacuum option, you can use it for liquids or foods that need short-term storage. It can also suck the air out of delicate foodstuffs without crushing them.

Cleaning the Foodsaver V4400 is also a breeze. This is because it has a removable drip tray, which is dishwasher safe too. It is easy to clean the tray to avoid any residue that may attract bacteria.

The machine is also fairly huge and may take up a bit of space in your kitchen. There are also controls on the machine to help you adjust to the perfect settings.

What stands out?

  • Works fairly well with plastic bags from other manufacturers
  • It comes with a portable hand-held vacuum sealer
  • Most functions are automated

What cons did we manage to find?

  • It does not support double sealing
  • It takes time to suck out the air and seal the bag
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Weston Pro-2300Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer

  • Bag width: 15 inches
  • Weight: 27 lb
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 23 x 9 in
  • Power: 935 W

More features: 20 s cooldown, fan cooling motor, 5 mm seal bar, manual seal mode

The Weston Pro-2300 is a popular vacuum sealer that is recommended by both professional users and other clients. It has a 15-inch long sealing bar that allows you to seal two bags concurrently. This machine also comes with a double piston vacuum pump that is designed to make sealing quick and efficient too. It would be a great machine for anyone that’s looking to seal bags in high quantities.

Using this machine is easy. While it is an automatic vacuum sealer, it also allows you access to manual settings. With the manual settings, you can adjust the machine to fit your needs and preferences. The high-quality material and finish of the Weston Pro-2300 not only makes it durable but also a reliable machine that you can use for years.

This machine is great for a business that seeks a commercial sealer at an affordable price. It has a double piston vacuum pump, as mentioned above, but requires about 935 watts of power only. A fan-cooled motor in the sealer makes it possible to use the machine for extended periods.

The Weston Pro-2300 is suitable for sous vide cooking. It works as well in your home environment as it works in a restaurant. You can prepare your food weeks in advance and simply place the sealed bags in sous vide if you are ready to eat it.

This sealer weighs about 27 pounds, which may be a bit heavier than the conventional machine.

Why is it special?

  • It is durable
  • It is relatively affordable
  • Has both automatic and manual settings

What are the flaws?

  • May create a mess when sealing liquids
  • It is large and bulky
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FoodSaver FM5200Premium Pick

  • Bag width: 11 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 lb
  • Guarantee: 5-year limited
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 9.3 x 9.6 in
  • Power: not specified

More features: removable drip tray, built-in roll storage, built-in cutter, handheld sealer, vacuum viewing window, jar sealing

The FoodSaver FM5200 is an exceptional vacuum sealing cleaner that will impress you with its functionalities. It is a durable machine that works to preserve liquids and foods for extended periods.

A common complaint about sealing machines is the amount of time it takes to seal a bag. You will, however, never have to worry about this with the FoodSaver FM5200. The machine reduces the amount it takes to seal a bag by about 50% as compared to other models. This is made possible by a second sealing bar that allows the user to automatically make the next bag. Furthermore, the dual heating strips ensure the machine reaches the maximum vacuum level possible.

To enhance user-friendliness, the machine comes with a viewing window on the side to help you seal the bag without hassle. The open-roll storage of the plastic bags also allows you to know when you need to change the roll. LED light indicators on the machine further simplify the sealing process as they help you to get the best results. For those who may not have enough experience with this, there is a smart technology that detects the type of foodstuff placed on the vacuum sealer and changes to the right mode.

The FoodSaver FM5200 contains a removable drip tray that will make cleaning the machine very easy. You can also use the drip tray on a dishwasher.

A 5-year warranty is given to remove any doubts about the quality of the machine.

Why did it make our list?

  • It is easy and quick to operate
  • It comes with some rolls
  • Excellent quality

What is not ideal about it?

  • Some users found the bag compartment cramped
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VacMaster VP215Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer

  • Bag width: 10 inches
  • Weight: 84 lb
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited
  • Dimensions: 14 x 20 x 15 in
  • Power: 440 W

More features: 20-40 sec cycle time, maintenance kit included, digital control panel, ¼ hp oil pump

Do you want a chambered vacuum sealer that is one of the best in the market? The VacMaster VP215 is a powerful yet reliable vacuum sealer. It comes with a powerful rotary motor that is designed to operate for hours on end without any problem. This makes it an ideal vacuum sealer for small businesses such as restaurants.

It also has a stainless steel body construction that will ensure it works for many years. The sturdy outer housing measures  14 x 20 x 15 inches and weighs about 84 pounds. It is, however, worth noting that both the inner and outer are made from some commercial-grade components.

We also loved the power output of the VacMaster VP215. It has a ¼ horsepower motor with an output of 440W that can work continuously without compromising on performance. Whether you wish to use this vacuum sealer in your business or you simply want it in your kitchen, all you have to do is change the oil regularly.

As large as the vacuum sealer is, it is surprisingly quieter than other models. This may be ideal for a kitchen or a business that is conscious of the sound they produce.

Like most chambered vacuum sealers, you have the advantage of using affordable bags. While the vacuum sealer may be expensive, the cash that you save from the vacuum seal bags will make up for this. This is especially true for businesses that seek to seal hundreds if not thousands of bags.

What makes it special?

  • Perfect for liquids and liquid-rich foods
  • Easy to user
  • Produces little noise

What cons did we find?

  • It does not save your preferred settings
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NutriChef Vacuum SealerBudget Pick

  • Bag width: 7.8 in
  • Weight: 2.9 lb
  • Guarantee: 30-days return, 1-year limited
  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 5.9 x 3 inches
  • Power: 110 W

More features: removable weight scale, vacuum hose and vine stopper cork, 3.8 ft cord length, stainless steel exterior, LED buttons

The NutriChef is a stylish yet affordable vacuum sealer that is designed to seal various types of food. It is fully automated with two different modes of sealing including the dry and moist mode. The dry mode is perfect for sealing any dry foods while the moist mode can be used for steamed or simmered food.

At the top of the vacuum sealer is a control center that allows you to program the settings you want. It contains some soft-touch buttons that are accompanied by LED lights to make it easy to operate the machine. The performance of the NutriChef vacuum sealer is further enhanced by its suction pump that delivers 12 liters per minute.

Ideally, you want an appliance that is both easy to clean and maintain. This is what you get when you buy the NutriChef as it is easy to clean and resists stains. The NutriChef has also undergone various tests and certifications that have ensured that the sealer keeps your food fresher for longer.

Once you purchase this vacuum cleaner, you get a couple of tools to help you start. The starter kit of the NutriChef includes five vacuum bags, a vacuum roll, an air suction hose, and even a wine stopper cork.

The machine also comes in various colors including black, silver, and stainless steel. This allows you to choose the variation that matches your kitchen design.

What are its best features?

  • Easy to cleaning
  • Automatic sealing
  • Has a control center with digital buttons
  • Waterproof and reusable bags

What could be improved?

  • May not be the best option for heavy-duty use
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Things to Consider

Knowing the different features and specifications of each product is essential, but how will you know the right one to pick? There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you even think about pulling out your credit card. Buying a vacuum sealer according to your needs and preferences will ensure that you never regret making the purchase. Here are some things worth noting.

Why do you need a special vacuum sealer for liquids?

5 Wonderful Vacuum Sealers for Liquids - No-Spill Food SavingVacuum sealing foods such as meat and vegetables is a job that most people and vacuum sealing machines can easily manage. If you, however, need to vacuum seal liquids then you might encounter some problems. This is especially true if you are using normal machines.

One of the main reasons why you need a special vacuum is to safeguard your food. Using a regular vacuum sealer presents the risk of the stew or soup being can be sucked out of the bag. This leaves you with less food than you initially had.

If the liquid gets sucked into the machine, the vacuum sealer can get damaged. This will reduce the durability of your appliance. Another reason to get a special vacuum sealer for liquids is to sous vide your foodstuffs. If you use a regular sealer then you might run the risk of damaging the bag, which means water will get into your bad during sous vide.

How to vacuum seal liquids?

Vacuum sealing liquids is quite easy especially if you have a chamber vacuum sealer. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Place the food with liquids or the liquids in your food bag and drop it in the chamber.
  2. Close the lid of the vacuum sealer and start the sealing process.
  3. The machine will automatically vacuum the bag and also seal it.
  4. Once the vacuum sealer completes the process it will open the lid.

The chamber machine will ensure that all the air is sucked out. You will notice that the liquid-rich food in the bag is intact since the pressure inside and outside the bag is the same. If you have a regular vacuum sealer, you will have to freeze the liquids to prevent it from being sucked out.

For other types of vacuum sealers we advise to watch the following video with a convenient life hack for soups:

Price ranges

Like in every other purchase, the price of the machine will largely determine your final choice. With that said, you should choose a vacuum sealer depending on your budget and the purpose of the machine. You can splurge of a fancy vacuum sealer if you enjoy using it and have the funds. Businesses should also consider forking out more for commercial appliances. For the average home user, our budget pick, the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer may be enough.

Features to consider while buying the best vacuum sealer for liquids

You finally want to make get a vacuum sealer for liquids but it is important to keep some factors in mind before buying one. Here are some key factors that you ought to consider before making any choice.

Choose the type

There are different types of vacuum sealers with each of them offering distinct benefits.

Chamber vacuum sealers are one type of vacuum sealers in the market although they are popular among businesses. This is the ideal vacuum sealer for liquids or liquid-rich foods such as sauces, soups, stews, dips, marinades, etc. Chamber sealers are perfect for liquids because they can easily suck out the air out of the bag without sucking the liquids. While these are perfect for liquid sealing, they are not popular in households because of their high price tag and bulky size. The VacMaster VP210 is one of the impressive chamber sealers that we reviewed.

External vacuum sealers are the other types of sealers that you buy. These edge-style vacuum sealers are the most popular equipment among food preservation enthusiasts. You can preserve foods such as meats and vegetables for long with this type of sealer. They are, however, not ideal for liquids and liquid-rich foods since they suck out the liquid during the process. A quick way to overcome the problem is to pour your soup or stew in the bag and freeze it before vacuum sealing it. Our editor’s choice, the Foodsaver V4400, and budget pick, the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer are examples.

Dimensions and weight

5 Wonderful Vacuum Sealers for Liquids - No-Spill Food Saving

Your preferred dimensions and weight is likely to depend on your purpose of use. Large and even small businesses such as restaurants may have to create some extra space for commercial vacuum sealers such as the Weston Pro-2300 that weighs 27 pounds. The VacMaster VP215 is also a larger machine that weighs 84 pounds and measures 14 x 20 x 15 inches.

If you are buying one for your day-to-day family use then you can get the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer which weighs a paltry 2.9 pounds.

Number of settings

Do you like getting technical as we do? If so, you need a machine that allows you to configure every aspect of it. The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer has a control center with LED buttons that give you full control over the machine. Similarly, the VacMaster VP215 has a digital control panel that gives the user unfettered access to the features of the machine.

If you would prefer a few settings then you can get an automatic vacuum sealer such as the Foodsaver V4400 or the Weston Pro-2300.

Bag sizes

Each machine supports the use of different bag sizes and your preferences will determine what machine to buy. If you would love a small bag size then you can get the NutriChef, which uses 7.8-inch bags. The Foodsaver V4400 also uses 8-inch bags.

If you would love a larger bag size then you can opt for the Weston Pro-2300 whose bag width is 15 inches.

Sealing time

Businesses such as restaurants often have to vacuum seal some foods more than a few times a day. That said, such entities must get a vacuum sealer that can seal liquids in the shortest time possible. In our review, the FoodSaver FM5200 proves to have the best sealing time as it has a second sealing bar that seals foodstuff automatically.


A guarantee is a manufacturer’s way of instilling confidence in buyers. Ideally, you want a vacuum sealer that has a longer warranty such as the Foodsaver V4400 and the Foodsaver FM5200 that both come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Power consumption

Whether a vacuum sealer is for home use or commercial use, it is prudent that you consider the power consumption before purchase. While the power consumption of a vacuum sealer may seem less to you, a combination of all electrical appliances in your home may increase your power bills significantly. The Weston Pro-2300 has the highest power consumption at 935 watts while the NutriChef Vacuum sealer has the lowest consumption at 110 watts.


5 Wonderful Vacuum Sealers for Liquids - No-Spill Food Saving

Some vacuum sealers come with everything you need while others will need you to buy accessories separately. The NutriChef vacuum sealer is one of the products that comes with a starter kit loaded with various accessories.


Not all vacuum sealers are ideal for liquid products. In fact, only chamber vacuum sealers are recommended for liquid-rich foodstuffs. Handheld and external vacuum sealers are likely to suck out the liquid when sealing.

Ziploc bags are not best suited for use in a vacuum sealer. However, you can use them with a hand-held vacuum sealer.

Yes, you can vacuum seal vegetables and fruits that will last for up to 1 year.

Our Verdict

Our quest to find the top vacuum sealer in the market took us weeks but we were finally able to come with the best vacuum sealers. At top place is our editor’s choice, the Foodsaver V4400. We loved this machine because it is fully automated, comes with an extra hand-held sealer and its Crush free technology that can seal even the most delicate products.

The Weston Pro-2300, the best commercial vacuum sealer comes in at number two. It is fast, has a double piston vacuum pump, it is made from high-quality materials and it is perfect for sous vide cooking.

Our budget pick, the NutriChef vacuum sealer is also among the best vacuum sealer for liquids that we chose. It impressed us because it is compact, consumes less power and uses waterproof bags among other features.

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