7 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens – Add a Smoky Flavor to Your Pizza!

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CookSpot is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.

What makes for a perfect get together? Obviously, a good company, but what else? You’re absolutely right if you said pizza! And what’s better than a delicious homemade pizza? If you’re looking for an outdoor pizza oven for your backyard to make your parties even better, we’ve got you covered as we bring you a list of the best outdoor pizza ovens! If you think what kind of oven you get doesn’t matter, you might be mistaken there. It’s an excellent investment because outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens bake your pizzas faster, tastier, and guarantee a way better smelling than regular electric ovens.

For some, finding the right product might seem like a daunting task. In this article, you will find various types of outdoor pizza ovens, including wood-fired, gas, and charcoal models for everyone’s needs. Stick with us, and you will learn more about what makes the ideal outdoor pizza ovens!

Top 7 Outdoor Pizza Ovens

  • Type: portable
  • Fuel: gas
  • Cooking area: 14″x 14″
  • Dimensions: 21” x 15” x 17”
  • Weight: 27 lbs.
  • Max temperature: over 500°F

More features: 12000 BTU, stainless steel construction, built-in thermometer, includes pizza stone, perfect for various dishes

This portable pizza oven caught our attention because of its multipurpose use. Forget about the regular oven you have in your kitchen for a second and try to imagine the best New York-style pizza you have ever eaten. This is an oven that cooks more than just aromatic pizzas. This is a one-in-a-million model that is specially designed to make your cooking experience easier, better, and safer!

The Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven is a portable model that weighs 27 lbs. It has dimensions that measure 21” x 15” x 17”, which make it take up less space, all the while serving various purposes! The cooking area inside this particular model is 14″x 14″, which gives you good regular sized pizzas, along with other delicious dishes like steaks. As the name suggests, it operates on gas, which is an easily available fuel. However, it can be a little expensive than alternatives like wood and charcoal.

The maximum cooking temperature it provides is over 500°F, which is not the highest you can get but is sufficient to cook thoroughly toasted homemade pizzas. It has a 12000 BTUs that ensure you have the best cooking experience. Next, the stainless steel construction has a built-in thermometer, which helps to adjust the temperature. It comes with a pizza stone that can be used to cook other things like bread as well.

What makes it special?

  • Cooks various dishes
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in thermometer

What cons did we find?

  • Expensive fuel
  • Type: conversion kit for 18″ & 22.5″ kettle grills
  • Fuel: charcoal, wood chunks
  • Cooking area: 15”
  • Dimensions: 16.9” x 16.9” x 4”
  • Weight: 13.1 lbs.
  • Max temperature: 900°F

More features: comes with Cordierite pizza stone, 13″ aluminum peel, kettle converter, flex sheet door, charcoal fence

This outdoor pizza grill kit is a high-quality product that cooks perfectly delicious pizzas that make your mouth water! Electric ovens simply can’t match the magic of this particular model. This conversion kit fits 18″ and 22.5″ kettle grills. This makes it an outstanding model as it can transform from a regular kettle grill into a pizza oven, making it a multipurpose cooking tool. It’s fueled by charcoal and wood chunks that can achieve up to a maximum temperature of 900°F. The high-temperature feature gives you a smoky flavor like in those professional pizzas you crave!

Another excellent upside to this model is that it has a cooking area of 15” that allows you to make larger than the regular 12” pizzas, although not very large ones. It cooks your pizza within 3-5 minutes, sparing you the 20-minute wait with usual ovens!

The dimensions are 16.9” x 16.9” x 4”, and it weighs only 13.1 lbs. Next, it comes with a Cordierite pizza stone, a 13″ aluminum peel, and a kettle converter, saving you the hassle of buying those things separately. It has flex sheet doors and a charcoal fence as well! Finally, it’s hard to complain about any disadvantages since it is extremely affordable.

What stands out?

  • Lightweight design and takes less space
  • Affordable price tag
  • Fast cooking (3 minutes)

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Small cooking area

Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza OvenPremium Pick

  • Type: stationary
  • Fuel: wood
  • Cooking area: 31″
  • Dimensions: 43” x 43” x 31”
  • Weight: 1300 lbs.
  • Max temperature: 700-800°F

More features: wide door, insulated, made of bricks, comes with chimney, built-in thermometer, very durable


This premium stationary outdoor pizza oven is a traditional looking model that cooks pizza to drool over. If you are desperately looking for a hack that gives you the taste of your grandma’s delicious homemade pizzas but fail to master the recipe, this pizza oven might just be the answer! It cooks your pizza inside a brick furnace, fueled by wood, which gives your products a delicious, mouthwatering aroma. Its cooking area is a large 31” space, which allows you to make extra-large pizzas that can have 30-inch slices! It can also heat up to a temperature as high as 700-800°F, which can cook your pizza quickly.

The oven is made of bricks for added durability. Next, the dimensions of this outdoor pizza oven are 43” x 43” x 31”, which means it requires a large enough space for installation. It weighs 1300lbs, but that’s not an issue since it’s a stationary model. Also, it has a built-in chimney that provides an outlet for all the smoke it produces. It has a wide door that can easily fit a pizza of a large radius and avoids the risk of burns, making it safe. Speaking of safety, this oven comes with an insulated interior and a built-in thermometer. This model is very durable, so you get good value for your money. But, you will need to think about installation beforehand.

Why are we impressed?

  • Large cooking area
  • Insulated and durable
  • Pre-installed chimney

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not portable
  • Can be installed with a help of a professional

BBQ Hack Pizza Hack OvenBest Add-On to Griddle Hack

  • Type: portable oven for pellet grills (add-on unit to the griddle hack)
  • Fuel: pellets
  • Cooking area: 14” x 15.75”
  • Dimensions: 20.3” x 16.4” x 9.1”
  • Weight: 18.05 lbs.
  • Max temperature: 600°F

More features: ceramic pizza stone included, cooks pizza in 2-4 minutes, ensures optimal airflow and even heat distribution

This is a very special model because, despite its small dimensions, it can make a good 15” pizza! This has to be one of our favorite portable pizza ovens because it’s small and easily handled yet providing you with fantastic results. The strong body of the BBQ Hack Pizza Hack Oven weighs about 18 pounds. The dimensions of this model are 20.3” x 16.4” x 9.1”, which doesn’t require a large place to keep it, indoors or outdoors.

It comes with a complimentary ceramic pizza stone that helps you achieve the rich earthiness you desire in your pizza. The cooking area is a good 14” x 15.75”, which seems to be like a lot of space.

On top of that, this portable pizza oven offers a maximum temperature of 600°F. As for the downside, it is an add-on unit that must be installed on the griddle hack. Thus, in order to use that oven, you must be sure that your pellet grill is ready. Also, there is no thermometer, and you will have to keep an eye on it for the best results. Still, it is quite simple to clean, and the price seems reasonable.

What are its best features?

  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious cooking area
  • Portable

What could be improved?

  • Requires griddle hack
  • No thermometer
  • Type: conversion kit for 18.5” and 22.5” kettle grills
  • Fuel: charcoal
  • Cooking area: 14”
  • Dimensions: 22.5” x 22.5” x 7”
  • Weight: 6.93 lbs.
  • Max temperature: 900°F

More features: stainless steel riser sleeve and hardware, high-temp thermometer, wooden handles, pizza pan

This is an outdoor oven conversion kit for 18.5” and 22.5” kettle grills, which brings a lot of versatility when it comes to cooking. Its type is a distinguishing feature, which attracts several buyers to this particular model.

The cooking area of this oven is 14”, so it can easily fit your regular sized pizzas and cook them to perfection with its amazing temperature range of up to 900°F. Next, the high-quality stainless steel riser sleeve and hardware exterior have dimensions of 22.5” x 22.5” x 7”, and it weighs just 6.93 pounds. Thus, it’s a very lightweight model that is very simple to install.

The KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit for Weber-style Kettle Grills has wooden handles that don’t heat up, giving you a steady and safe grip. It comes with a pizza pan and a built-in high-temperature thermometer. As for the downsides of this outdoor pizza oven kit, it requires a lot of wood to achieve higher temperatures. Also, there is no pizza stone in the package. Many people still think that the product is worth buying because it is simple to use, and the price is low.

Why are we impressed?

  • Lightweight design
  • High-temperature thermometer
  • Wooden handles

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Pizza stone is not included
  • Requires a lot of wood to achieve higher temperatures
  • Type: stationary
  • Fuel: wood
  • Cooking area: 29” x 23”
  • Dimensions: 48” x 48” x 40”
  • Weight: 550 lbs.
  • Max temperature: 1000°F

More features: low-dome, low-maintenance design, pre-installed flue, refractory materials, reinforced with stainless steel fibers, copper vein finish

This outdoor pizza oven ensures safe and reliable year-round cooking. If you’re searching for a model that gives you an incomparable flavor, be assured that you will find it here. The only difference is that anything and everything tastes better when it’s wood-fired. And guess what? This model is a wood-fired one that has a maximum temperature of 1000°F, which gives your pizzas an earthy and amazing taste. Because of the large cooking area of 29”x23”, this oven helps you get not just the desired taste but also allows your favorite size, in case you like large slices from a huge pizza or a pie!

The top-notch high-temperature refractory material that this oven is made of does not wear out easily. It’s also reinforced with stainless steel fibers that ensure durability to handle harsh climates. This means you can install this oven outdoors without worrying about any damages due to unfavorable weather conditions. The dimensions are 48” x 48” x 40”, and it’s quite heavy, weighing 550 pounds, so it requires extra machinery for installation.

With its low-dome design, this model is quite different from barrel-shaped ovens. And, it generates high temperatures for genuine, wood-fired taste. Additionally, low-maintenance means this oven is an investment to your outdoor entertainment space.

What makes it stand out?

  • Low-maintenance and durable design
  • Large cooking area
  • Pre-installed flue

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Installation cost and difficulty
  • Type: portable
  • Fuel: wood
  • Cooking area: 25.2″ x 29.6″
  • Dimensions: 32.3″ x 28.8″ x 47.3″
  • Weight: 220 lbs.
  • Max temperature: 800°F

More features: made of stainless steel and fire-brick, wheeled base, includes pizza stone, wire brush/broom, large pizza peel, pizza turner spatula and pizza cutter, multiple hanging hooks, built-in thermometer

This portable, stainless steel oven with a polished steel exterior is a quality pick, not just because of the high-quality materials it’s made of, but also because of the extra features that set it apart from other ovens. Its large cooking space allows for large-sized pizzas to be cooked, or you can even place 2-3 regular-sized pizzas together and save time and fuel! Next, the cooking space is 25.2″ x 29.6″, and the interior is made of fire-brick that contributes towards the taste. The temperature gauge range is quite impressive, and rapid heating time is another time-saving feature. This wood-fuelled oven ensures that you make professional pizzas quite fast.

The overall size is 32.5″ x 31″ x 49″, which makes this model slightly larger compared to other portable ones. The door opening measurements are 20.75″ W x 15″ H, which allow a maximum pizza size of 20.75″ diameter to fit inside.

The weight of this portable oven is 220 pounds, and it requires some assembly before use. The product has wheels to make it easier to move and comes with useful accessories like a pizza stone, a wire brush/broom, a large pizza peel (large spatula), a pizza turner spatula, and a pizza cutter.

What makes it stand out?

  • Wheeled base
  • Includes several accessories
  • Large cooking area

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Wide dimensions take up some space
  • Requires assembly

Things to Consider

Outdoor pizza ovens, portable or not, are one of the finest creations on Earth because they make every pizza lover’s dream come true! Who doesn’t like to enjoy a flavorsome pizza straight out of the oven in beautiful weather with a great company? These ovens are the best way to replicate authentic wood-cooked pizza. Some of our finest picks are also multipurpose ones that allow you to cook more than just pizzas. We sure understand all your leisure needs, which is why we present to you an easy guide that will help you pick an outdoor pizza oven or grill kit suitable for your needs.

How to pick the best outdoor pizza oven?

In order to pick the best outdoor pizza oven, you need to understand some basic and other added features that either make or break the deal. These products are not like curtain fabric that you know, where the right one is the second you lay your eyes on it. Pizza ovens require some knowledge of what’s best for what kind of pizzas and what extra things you can get with an outdoor oven. You don’t have to worry about a long night of research to know all that stuff because we bring you an easy-to-follow guide with all the important things here.


7 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens – Add a Smoky Flavor to Your Pizza!

The first thing to know before you go shopping for an outdoor pizza oven is the types of ovens available on the market. This helps you decide which one of those is most suitable for you, so you can avoid getting the wrong product.

There are three types of outdoor pizza oven available. One of the kinds is a portable outdoor pizza oven, which can be easily moved outside for use. Some portable models come with wheels that allow easy rolling instead of lifting the whole oven.

Next, the stationary outdoor pizza ovens can’t be carried inside or to another location because they are fixed and require installation, which may cost you some extra money. The stationary models are usually bigger, with a larger cooking area and a built-in chimney. Also, these are the most durable ones, such as seen with the Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven.

Lastly, there’s the conversion kits that allow you to turn a grill into a pizza oven. This is an especially valuable purchase because you will be able to cook not only pizzas but other dishes as well!

What kind of fuel does it require?

When it comes to operating an outdoor pizza oven, it requires some kind of fuel. Sadly, we don’t have any water-run pizza ovens that would reduce air pollution, but there is a variety of other fuels that different models of outdoor pizza ovens require.

Stationary outdoor models mostly require wood as fuel because of their construction, and this is the case with other models, too. A portable outdoor pizza oven can use a variety of fuels, like gas, wood, charcoal, and pellets, depending on the model. Some conversion kits even function with more than one type of fuel like the Pizzacraft PC7001 PizzaQue Pizza Oven Kit for Kettle Grills, which can use both wood chunks and charcoal.

Based on the type of your outdoor pizza oven, you can select a model from our list according to a fuel that’s easily available to you.

Cooking area

This is a particularly important feature to consider if the size of your pizzas is something that matters to you. The cooking area is basically the inner dimensions of any oven, and they determine how big a pizza can be. Cooking areas of different ovens vary based on the model and type. Some portable outdoor pizza ovens have a cooking area as big as 25.2″ x 29.6″ like the Thor Wood-Fired Stainless Steel Artisan Pizza Oven, while most other portable models have cooking areas approximately 14”.

Stationary wood-fired pizza ovens usually have a large cooking area, so if you’re looking for an oven that cooks a big-sliced New York-style pizza, this type is your way to go.

Stationary ovens also have wide doors that allow you to fit large pizzas inside easily, without folding or damaging your pizza’s shape or toppings.

Overall dimensions

People who have smaller or cramped backyards and gardens may want to opt for smaller models, while those with big spacious yards can get a big pizza oven. For people who wish to save some space, conversion kits are the best choice as they’re relatively small and have almost everything you need. They can also be kept inside and taken out when they need to be used.

Most portable outdoor pizza ovens are compact and lightweight, and the Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven is a great example here. Stationary models are usually heavy with greater dimensions, making them suitable for bigger houses.

7 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens – Add a Smoky Flavor to Your Pizza!


The weight of an outdoor pizza oven or conversion grill kit only matters when they are portable. Also, considering how heavy or light a stationary oven can be, this parameter is important here, too, because it determines how difficult or easy its installation will be. Heavy stationary ovens require extra machinery for that. For portable ovens, weight is an important factor because heavier models might be difficult to move or carry around.

Some portable ovens and conversion grill-ovens have wheels or handles that make them easier to move and carry around.

Heating time

Different materials are used for those models, so the maximum heating temperature and heating time vary accordingly. Some smaller ovens like the BBQ Hack Pizza Hack Oven can heat up to 600°F and take approximately 5-8 minutes for that.

While larger, especially stationary ovens, have temperatures as high as 800-1000°F, such as the Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven and Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, and they take roughly a little over 10 minutes to preheat. Other models, like Pizzacraft PC7001 PizzaQue Pizza Oven Kit for Kettle Grills, have a maximum temperature of 600-900°F and heat as quickly as 3 minutes and even cook your pizza within 3-5 minutes.


The exterior and interior materials of different types and models of outdoor pizza ovens greatly vary. Stationary ones, like the Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven, are made of bricks with insulated interiors, while others, like the Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500, are made of stainless steel fibers with a copper vein finish.

Conversion kits and most portable ovens are usually made from food-grade stainless steel. Some ovens, like the KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit for Weber-style Kettle Grills, have wooden handles that don’t heat up and provide easy handling. The materials can differ in quality, but all the outdoor pizza ovens we have picked out for this list are made from the premium materials.

Extra accessories

Most of the outdoor pizza ovens we have reviewed for you in this guide include several complementary accessories that make your cooking experience easier and better. An insulated interior is a very important feature as it prevents hazardous situations. Next, a built-in thermometer is a common feature in most of these items that we have listed because it helps you monitor and control the cooking temperature, ensuring your pizza turns out perfectly golden instead of burnt.

A common accessory that most of these outdoor ovens come with is a pizza stone because you need one for cooking a pizza inside these ovens. On top of that, you can find portable models like the Thor 32.5″ Wood-Fired Stainless Steel Artisan Pizza Oven that include not just a built-in thermometer and a pizza stone, but also have a wire brush/broom, a large pizza peel, a pizza turner spatula and pizza cutter, as well as multiple hanging hooks.

7 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens – Add a Smoky Flavor to Your Pizza!

The prices of each outdoor pizza oven differ according to type, size, and brand, and with so many products available on the market, it can be quite difficult to find the right one.

The stationary ones are slightly more expensive because they are heavier, require installation, but they’re also a long time investment due to their better durability and damage resistance. The Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 is an example. It costs $2,999, which is an expensive option, but a long term investment and a carefree one as well. It’s cheap and easy to maintain, so it saves costs and time later on.

The conversion kits are comparatively very cheap, with the Pizzacraft PC7001 for only $108 and the KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit for $184. The prices for portable outdoor pizza ovens vary based on their size and technology. They can range from $149 to $900, so you can be sure to find a suitable option for your needs. Since these products are incredibly reliable and long-lasting, you will benefit from having one in the long run.


This depends on the type of fuel your oven requires. The propane (gas) fueled ovens function just like your regular grills. A wood-fired outdoor pizza oven can be a tricky one because an ideal recipe might require high temperatures and a technique. Use your wood to build a fire in the center of your oven, and with the aid of a thermometer, monitor the internal temperature until it reaches 700°F. It can take up to 30 minutes to heat up. After the desired temperature is reached, use a scrapper to push the fire towards the back and place your pizza stone in the center of the oven. Your pizza should be ready within 90 seconds. However, you need to be careful to turn it around at 45 seconds to ensure even cooking.

Considering the fact that the type of wood can affect the taste of your pizza, this is an important question. The natural scents that woods have can determine how well or bad, tasting your pizza turns out. The woods that bring out the best taste in pizzas are oak, apple, and hickory. Oak wood compliments the flavor of the pizza by producing a healthy amount of smoke that doesn’t overpower the taste of your product but gives you the perfect blend of earthy and cheesy notes. If you’re looking for a sweeter alternative that goes well with your pizza toppings, apple wood is the way to go!

It depends on the type of oven you’re using. If we’re talking about a wood-fueled oven, it will take up to 30-40 minutes to preheat, and just over a minute and a half to cook the pizza, which means that your pizza should be ready within 40-45 minutes. Other ovens like the portable conversion kits take 3 minutes to heat and 3 minutes to cook your pizza, meaning that within those 10 minutes, your pizza will be ready. But don’t forget that you will need to prepare your grill beforehand. Generally, outdoor pizza ovens can take up to 10 minutes to heat and another 5-10 minutes to cook. This time varies based on the oven you get.

This can vary from model to model. If you’re using an outdoor pizza oven that can reach from 700 up to 1000 degrees F, then the amount of wood or charcoal required would be high. Conversion kits require charcoal and sometimes wood chunks in relatively smaller quantities. The lower the temperature range is, the less fuel it requires. Gas-operated outdoor ovens usually use a little more gas than the regular ones in your kitchen.

Our Verdict

Every single oven that you can find on our list is a high-quality product, which makes the best tasting pizzas you’ll ever taste at home. To make things even easier, we have picked the top three for your convenience.

Number one is the Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven. This portable model is an all-rounder, has a reasonable price, sufficient cooking area, and excellent design.

Our second favorite is the Pizzacraft PC7001 PizzaQue Pizza Oven Kit for Kettle Grills because it provides you with a luxurious experience at an affordable price. It is incredibly lightweight and portable, with a wide temperature range that cooks your food within 5 minutes.

Lastly, we have the Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven, which is a wood-fired, stationary outdoor oven that is one of our best picks towards a higher price end. Its durability, ease of maintenance, and wide temperature range, along with the large cooking area, make it one of the very best outdoor pizza ovens out there.

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