8 Best Iced Tea Makers to Make Cold and Refreshing Drinks

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CookSpot is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.

Summer is coming, and so is the heat. Is there any better way to beat the heat than with a refreshing, cold glass of iced tea? Making iced tea at home is much easier than you might think. There are tons of different styles and options to choose from when looking to purchase. There are pitchers, machines, and infusers. It can feel like a lot. That’s where this list comes in to help.

We have compiled the best iced tea makers and checked out all types and capacities, and fun accessories to make this easier for you. We will help you understand more about dimensions and weight and how terms like these factors into your iced tea maker purchase. Take a look at the ratings, nominations, and descriptions to get more information so you can pick the best iced tea maker for you and your life.


Takeya Iced Tea MakerEditor’s Choice

  • Type: a pitcher (non-electric)
  • Capacity: 2 quarts
  • Accessories: fine-mesh tea infuser
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 7.5 x 12.8 inches

More features: patented technology; comes in different colors; BPA-free; leakproof lid

This Takeya Iced Tea Maker can make you fresh, delicious iced-tea in 30 seconds thanks to the Patented Flash Chill technology! The Flash Chill technology means that your freshly brewed tea is cooled rapidly without losing any flavor, nutrients, or fresh taste. The fine-mesh tea infuser can hold varieties of different teas (loose leaf or bagged), fruits, and vegetables to infuse your water with delicious flavors. Stir in some lemon, sugar or honey to make your perfect brew! The 14.4-ounce, non-electric pitcher, can hold two quarts of your favorite tea, which is about eight servings! The Takeya Iced Tea Makers comes in different colors, so you can choose the color that suits you best. The lid is airtight and leaks proof to ensure your beverage is safe from accidental spills and stays fresh longer than open top pitchers. Additionally, this iced tea pitcher is made in the United States, and BPA-free so you can sip easy!

What makes it stand out?

  • Air-tight and leakproof lid
  • BPA-free
  • Multiple color options
  • Patented Flash Chill technology
  • Fine-mesh infuser for teas, fruits, and vegetables
  • 2 quarts (about eight servings)
  • Simple to clean

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Non-electric
  • Type: electric
  • Capacity: 2.7 quart
  • Accessories: removable mesh filter
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6.25 x 14.25 inches

More features: shuts off automatically; easy to clean

The West Bend Fresh Iced Tea and Coffee Maker is a versatile electric iced tea machine that is bound to create the perfect brew for you! It has a removable and reusable mesh filter to place in your teas (or coffee), which makes it a breeze to simply pop out and clean. You can use both bagged or loose-leaf tea in this brewer! It also has the ability to make cold brew coffee! The West Bend machine weighs in at 2.25 pounds and is 14.25 inches tall and 9 inches deep. The sleek design and classy glass pitcher make it easy on the eyes, and easier to use. The pitcher can hold 2.7 quarts of fresh tea. The machine turns itself off after the brew is complete, and has different strength options so you can control the intensity of your brew. There is an attachable infusion tube to add in different citrus, fruits, or herbs into your tea to customize it for your palate. The ease of use and customizable options make this iced tea brewer a hot ticket item!

What stands out?

  • Electric
  • 2.7-quart pitcher
  • Removable mesh filter
  • easy to clean
  • Automatically shuts off
  • Infusion tube
  • Sleek design
  • Works with bagged or loose-leaf tea
  • Can make cold brew coffee

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Delicate glass pitcher
  • No brewing hole cover for lid during storage

Komax Tritan Iced Tea MakerBest Value

  • Type: a pitcher (non-electric)
  • Capacity: 2.1 quarts
  • Accessories: not specified
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 6 inches

More features: BPA-free; pour over technology; temperature resistant; dishwasher and microwave safe; leak proof

The Komax Tritan Iced Tea Maker is an innovative iced tea pitcher with tons of exciting features. The non-electric pitcher makes storage easy and saves you valuable counter space. It holds 2.1 quarts of tea, which equals around eight servings. The BPA-free and temperature resistant materials give you peace of mind while making and drinking your brew. You can pour the boiling water in, and then immediately place it into the freezer or fridge and the Komax Tritan will not be damaged. The Komax Tritan also utilizes the unique Pour Over technology, meaning that the water is poured over the mesh strainer insert, rather than the strainer being placed into the water. It is super easy to clean because you can pop it right into the dishwasher thanks to the dishwasher safe materials. It is also microwave safe! The leak proof lid keeps your beverage fresh and, in the pitcher, and has a “twist and pour” design to reduce spills! Plus, the durable Tritan material is shattered and impact resistant.

Why did it make our list?

  • BPA-free
  • Pour Over technology
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Leak proof and "twist to pour” lid
  • Durable Tritan material
  • Shatter and impact resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Handle for easy travel

What is not ideal about it?

  • Non-electric

Mr.Coffee Iced Tea MakerDishwasher Safe

  • Type: electric
  • Capacity: not specified
  • Accessories: not specified
  • Weight: not specified
  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 10.5 x 14.8 inches

More features: adjustable strength

Contrary to the brand name Mr.Coffee, this iced tea machine is fantastic for creating a fresh pitcher of delicious iced tea. The modern design is just as refreshing on the eyes as the iced tea is in your glass. The electric machine has the option for you to adjust the strength of your brew, so you can get the perfect flavor and intensity in your pitcher of tea. It has a removable tray to hold bagged tea and works with small coffee filters or the removable brew basket for loose leaf tea. The Mr.Coffee Iced Tea Maker can also make refreshing iced coffee! The pitcher can hold 2.5 quarts of tea and is made of heavy glass to resist cracks from temperature changes, which is important for a cold beverage brewer. Both the pitcher, tray, and brew basket are dishwasher safe. The dimensions of the brewer are well sized for counters or tables, measuring at 11.4 by 10.5 by 14.8 inches. This iced tea brewer also has the option to provide a protection plan.

Why is it special?

  • Electric
  • Works with bagged and loose tea
  • Makes iced coffee
  • 2.5-quart pitcher
  • Temperature changes resistant
  • Dishwasher safe

What are the flaws?

  • Fragile glass pitcher

Capresso Ice Tea MakerStylish

  • Type: electric
  • Capacity: 2.5 quarts
  • Accessories: reusable filter
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 6.75 x 6.25 inches

More features: customizable; glass pitcher; user manual provided; easy to use

The Capresso Ice Tea Maker is a more compact, smaller option for those who want an electric iced tea brewer, but without the bulk that most electric iced tea machines come with. The smaller size is perfect for smaller kitchens or apartments with limited counter space! This customizable brewer is made super easy to use as well as simple to clean, thanks to a user’s manual provided in PDF form online. Altogether, the machine weighs in at 4 pounds. The visually appealing glass pitcher comes with a lid to keep your tea fresh after brewing, and can hold two and a half quarts of fresh iced tea! The Capresso comes with a reusable filter that can work with both bagged and loose leaf tea, and a removable filter basket. Both make cleaning very easy since they are dishwasher safe! The pitcher itself is also dishwasher safe! You can control the intensity and flavor of your iced tea brew with the adjustable flavor enhancer.

What do we love it for?

  • Dishwasher safe filter and filter basket
  • Dishwasher safe glass pitcher
  • Compact design
  • PDF user manual
  • Adjustable flavor enhancer
  • Electric
  • 2.5-quart pitcher
  • Removable water tank

What were we disappointed with?

  • Fragile glass pitcher
  • Non-temperature resistant glass
  • Very thin carafe

The Whistling Kettle Iced Tea PotOriginal Design

  • Type: a pitcher (non-electric)
  • Capacity: 44 oz
  • Accessories: stainless steel infuser
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 6 x 4.5 inches

More features: recipes written on a pot; easy to use

This Whistling Kettle Iced Tea Pot is perfect for adventurous iced tea drinkers! The large, 44-ounce glass pitcher has different iced tea recipes written all along the sides, with clear measurements and markings so you can experiment with different brews and blends. The beautiful, stainless-steel infuser is specially made to brew loose leaf tea. This pitcher works with both hot or cold brewing water, which depends on the tea you are brewing. The pitcher fits inside of most refrigerator doors, and the tight seal on the lid will keep your drinks fresh. The Whistling Kettle Iced Tea Pot is made in China, meaning styles like the fashionable stainless-steel infuser are not common in the United States. It weighs 1.5 pounds and stands just over 10 inches tall. The pitcher is made out of thick porcelain glass, making it durable and long lasting. It is very simple to use, simply load your infuser, steep the tea, and top off with hot or cold water. Next, you just secure the handle, pour, and enjoy!

What makes it special?

  • 44-ounce pitcher
  • Recipes are written on a pitcher
  • Durable pitcher
  • Loose leaf
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful stainless-steel infuser
  • Refrigerator friendly design

What cons did we find?

  • Not made for bagged tea

Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea MakerGreat Features

  • Type: electric
  • Capacity: 2 quarts
  • Accessories: removable brew basket
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 12 inches

More features: auto shut-off; can make both single and double servings

The Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker is the perfect iced tea machine for those you do not want all the bells and whistles of some other electric iced tea machines on the market. The simple and functional design delivers quality beverages in just minutes, plus this machine automatically shuts off when the brew is over. There is an indicator light to show when the tea is being brewed or if it is finished, the light turns off. Besides iced tea, it can also make iced coffee! The pitcher holds 2 quarts of fresh brewed iced tea and has a pre-programmed cleaning cycle. Cleaning the brew basket is simple, as it is removable. The Mr. Coffee TM75 can create single or double brews, and works with both loose and bagged tea! It measures 15 by 13 by 12 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds. The pitcher is where the drinks brew into, but is also the method of serving, cutting out any transfer from carafe to a pitcher.

Why did it make our list?

  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Makes iced tea and iced coffee
  • Works with bagged and loose-leaf tea
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Indicator light
  • Removable brew basket

What is not ideal about it?

  • No reusable filter
  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • Not recommended for the dishwasher
  • Plastic
  • Type: electric
  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • Accessories: reusable filter basket
  • Weight: 4.27 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.75 x 14.5 inches

More features: strength selector dial; easy to use; three-position lid

The Brentwood Iced Tea and Coffee maker is not only pretty to look at, it gets the job done. This electric iced tea maker is equipped with a 64-ounce pitcher, sure to be able to satisfy your iced tea cravings all day. It comes in two colors, black and aqua-blue. The machine as a whole weighs in at 4.27 pounds and stands 14.5 inches tall. You can adjust the intensity of your cold beverage by using the strength selector dial. The reusable filter basket makes cleaning simple and easy; the machine itself is simple and easy with a single on and off button to cut out complicated switches and dials. The plastic lid has three positions to keep ice in or let it out as desired. The plastics are hard and sturdy, but most importantly, they are BPA-free! This tea maker works with both loose leaf and bagged tea, and brews a full pitcher in about 5 minutes!

What makes it stand out?

  • Attractive design
  • Iced tea and iced coffee maker
  • Works with loose leaf and bagged tea
  • Reusable and removable brew basket
  • BPA-free plastics
  • Strength selector dial
  • 64 ounces (about eight servings)

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Plastic pitcher and plastic lid
  • Not dishwasher safe

Things to Consider

Now think about what kind of iced tea brewer you are searching the market for. Something simple and easy just to take out in the summer or for parties, or a machine to keep out on the counter for everyday use? Whatever your criteria are, there are many features that you may need to understand better. Things like this can be confusing! But we are here to help you. Consider this the dictionary of iced tea machine and pitcher market. All your questions about electric versus non-electric, plastic versus glass, and so on will all be answered, and you will find the features you want in your ice tea maker! So, let’s dive in, and make sure that you keep your thoughts about what you are looking for in an iced tea maker close by so you know you find a feature that you like.

What’s iced tea and how to make a perfect glass of it

There is really nothing like a cool, crisp glass of iced tea on a hot day, particularly after working in the garden or mowing the lawn. Nothing beats walking inside, finally out of the sun, pouring iced tea over some ice into a glass, and sitting down with your feet up. You can feel the condensation on the glass as you finally cool off from the heat. Or laying out in the sun by the pool or on the beach, sipping on a frosty and fruity iced tea. After a workout, iced tea can quench you because it is great hydration. Isn’t that what iced tea is all about? Refreshment? So why not bring that refreshing feeling home in an easy, convenient way?

8 Best Iced Tea Makers to Make Cold and Refreshing Drinks

Iced tea is all about the perfect balance of tartness, sweetness, and, of course, ice! Mixing in citruses, like lemon, lime, or orange slices or even other fruits, can give your tea extra flavor and punch. A hint of mint or rosemary can go a long way, too. Classic add-ons like honey and sugar are not to be overlooked for a perfect sweet tea! All of these can help bring your tea to the next level and create the perfect glass of it.

Features to consider before you buy an iced tea maker

Capacity, type, and dimensions are just a few of the features you should have on your mind when looking to purchase an iced tea brewer. Depending on what your needs are, what kind of budget, and how much space you have, these factors will end up being critical to your choice. Some people drink iced tea or iced coffee almost daily and want a machine to sit on their counters, while others want to be able to whip out a pitcher of iced tea for birthdays or special events and do not want or need such a machine. It is all about what you need, so make sure you consider those factors before reading what each feature means.


The type of tea brewer you purchase is very important. Electric iced tea machines usually sit out on the counter space of your kitchen and often have the option to make iced coffee. If you are looking to have iced tea rather quickly and quite often, then an electric iced tea brewer might be right for you. However, you may drink iced tea often but prefer the infuser and pitcher method due to small counter space or other issues like that. Or you may like the appearance of a pitcher rather than a bulky machine. The type of iced tea brewer has little to no effect on the taste of the brew, but some electric machines are able to brew stronger teas due to the ability to customize the strength of each brew.

You can typically get strong brews from infusers by leaving them overnight.


The capacity of your iced tea brewer is also about personal needs. If you are the only iced tea drinker in your house, then the Mr. Coffee TM75 might be what works best for you since it can make single and double servings. Or on the other hand, if you live in a household that consumes iced tea like it is going off the market, then the 2.7-quart West Bend Iced Tea Maker might be the answer to your problem. If you plan on only using your iced tea maker for parties or holidays, then getting a machine or pitcher with a larger capacity will make it easier to be with your guests enjoying the festivities instead of running back and forth trying to keep up with the demand for iced tea from your guests.


8 Best Iced Tea Makers to Make Cold and Refreshing Drinks

The frills and bows of an iced tea maker may seem like extra qualities that do not really matter, but they can have a huge effect on the iced tea your brewer makes. If you are thinking about going electric, and you like strong brews of iced tea while your partner prefers lighter brews, then purchasing a machine with a customizable strength dial, like the Brentwood Iced Tea and Coffee Maker, is going to be important for you. Or if you like to switch up the brews you make, then the Whistling Kettle Iced Tea Pot with recipes for fun brews on the pitcher itself maybe be right up your alley.


The weight of your tea maker is another thing that seems too abstract and silly to consider. But, once again, make sure you do. If you are constantly taking a machine in and out of the cabinet, you do not want a heavy machine, you want a lighter one, or even an infuser pitcher like the light and easy Takeya Iced Tea Maker.

Consider how often you will be moving your machine, or picking up your pitcher, and make sure that you will not get sick of it, especially if you love iced tea and drink it often.


Make sure you are keeping the size of your counters in mind if you are purchasing an electric tea maker! This is hugely important. If you buy a machine and then have no place for it, you may feel heart-broken! It is imperative that you are attentive to the height, depth, and width of any machines you are considering. Imagine buying a brewer and then realizing it is too tall and does not fit under your cabinets! That’s the stuff of nightmares! The same thing goes for purchasing a pitcher. If you have crowded and full cabinets, make sure you have a place for your pitcher somewhere in that overflowing Tupperware drawer that we all have. Also, it is a good idea to take a quick look at the size of the pitcher to see if it will fit into your refrigerator or the fridge door so that you can keep your iced tea there for freshness and storage.


Just like hot tea, iced tea has tons of nutrients, vitamins, and other beneficial attributes. Just because there is ice in it does not mean that any of those benefits have disappeared. Compared to hot tea, iced tea actually tends to provide better hydration, and can help prevent cavities too! Tea is well known for boosting the metabolism and improving heart health. Iced tea is also a great alternative for sugary sodas or lemonades that are pumped full of sugar and preservatives since you control the amount of sugar, honey, or sweetener you add. Plus, iced tea is way lighter and refreshing than sodas or hot tea. And packs delicious flavor, unlike water! Iced tea is also chock full of antioxidants and has a lot of magnesium! And of course, it helps relax you and calm nerves.

Both iced tea machines and pitchers can be used for other purposes. Iced tea machines are typically able to make iced coffee as well, so if you are a fan of higher caffeine levels in your beverages, a machine may be the path for you. Imagine sipping an iced coffee in your kitchen and not having to drive halfway across town to the coffee shop! Pitchers with infusers can also be used for other things, but not coffee. The infusers themselves can be filled with fresh herbs, like mint or rosemary for an, infused, but not tea-like refreshing drink. Fruits and vegetables can be sliced up and but inside infusers to bring the flavors of apples, cucumbers or strawberries and lemon to what would otherwise be plain water. Or get adventurous and try putting fresh herbs and fruit in your infuser after brewing your iced tea for a fun twist on classical iced tea.

Our Verdict

The iced tea makers we thought were the best-iced tea makers were the Takeya, West Bend, and Komax Tritan iced tea makers. Not only did they provide superb iced tea, but they show the most functionality. The simplicity of the Takeya Iced Tea Maker was unmatched on our list, which is why it has the monition for Editor’s Choice. The West Bend Fresh Iced Tea and Coffee Maker produces the most, and with such a classy design, it lives up to the nomination of Premium Pick. The Komax Tritan Iced Tea Maker is the simplest design with the most capacity for its family of infuser pitchers. The best-iced tea maker for you is surely on this list. How could it not be?

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