8 Best Granite Sinks – Great Addition to Your Kitchen’s Aesthetics!

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CookSpot is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.
CookSpot is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.

Granite sinks are often the final touch that brings together a kitchen, both in function and aesthetically. Granite sinks are extremely useful as they are heat resistant, extremely long lasting and can seamlessly pull together a kitchen’s aesthetic.

We have reviewed over 30 different products and have compiled a list of the 8 best granite sinks. At the top of our list, we have our Editor’s Choice, the Kraus Forteza. We loved that it was a dual mount installation type as well as remaining fairly light for the easiest of installations.  In addition to the Kraus Forteza, we have seven other options that are sure to wow you!

We spent hours researching the different granite sinks on the market so we could recommend our top choices. We also weighed verified customer reviews so we could get the most accurate reading on what the top products out there are. Some features that we considered were installation methods to ensure an easy install process as well as dimensions so we could provide a variety of sink options, no matter the size of the kitchen. We also took color as well as a variety of other features into account so we could best cater to the sink’s visual appeal as well. We have included an overview table, buyer’s guide and a detailed review of each product below so we can assist you in finding the best granite sink for you!

Top 8 Granite Sinks Review 2022


Kraus FortezaEditor’s Choice

  • Installation type: dual mount
  • Sink dimensions: 32.5” x 18.9” x 9.5”
  • Min. cabinet size: 36”
  • Weight: 39.2 lbs.
  • Available colors: black, grey
  • Material type: granite composite, resin, stone, quartz

Other features: heat resistant up to 650°F, enriched with silver ions, low maintenance surface, non-fading color with UV protection, easy-clean corners

First on our list we have our Editor’s choice, the Kraus Forteza. We love this dual mount model for a multitude of reasons. At 80% natural granite, this sink provides a true granite look while still remaining fairly light and excellent feature to have during the installation process. Weighing in at 39.2 pounds this dual mount sink will be a breeze to install, either from the top or from below, whichever works best, or looks best, to the homeowner.

The Kraus Forteza granite sink is also extremely easy to maintain with features such as easy to clean corners, a top surface that is resistance to dirt and other kitchen grime as well as its silver ion enriched material that makes it automatically hygienic. This granite sink is also highly resilient not only to just any potential cracks and chips but also to any stains that it could encounter during the cleaning process.

With a minimum cabinet size of 36 inches, the Kraus Forteza granite sink is a moderate to decent sized sink that is sure to look great in any kitchen. With its drain position in the rear, this sink is compatible with most modern kitchen setups.  Available in colors such as black and grey, this granite sink is sure to be a show stopping addition to any kitchen.

What makes it stand out?

  • Dual mount
  • UV protection
  • Non fading colors

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Can crack during shipping

BLANCO DiamondPremium Pick

  • Installation type: undermount
  • Sink dimensions: 32.5″ x 22″ x 9.5″
  • Min. cabinet size: 36”
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Available colors: anthracite + 8 more colors
  • Material type: granite composite

Other features: heat, scratch, stain, chip and impact-resistant; 100% hygienic and food-friendly

The Blanco Diamond sink is next on our list, as well as being our premium pick! And it is for good reason! With solid sink dimensions, 32.5″ x 22″ x 9.5″

this sink is extremely roomy, allowing it to hold all it needs to. This undermount sink is slightly more difficult to install than our Editor’s Choice, the Kraus Forteza, as it can only be installed one way, from below, however that does not make it any less effective!

Slightly on the heavier side, the BLANCO Diamond granite sink weighs in at about 45 pounds. While it is not the heaviest sink on our list, it is something that should be considered during the installation process.

The BLANCO Diamond granite sink, like any good granite sink, is resistant to high temperatures, scratches, pesky stains as well as any heavy impact. The BLANCO Diamond granite sink also comes with a variety of optional accessories. One of these additional accessories is a drop in cutting board that is compatible with the sink. This accessory not only is an excellent addition as it was made to perfectly fit the  BLANCO Diamond  granite sink but it also saves each homeowner valuable counter space.

The BLANCO Diamond granite sink is available in 9 different colors, making it an excellent choice for many homeowners and their individual style preferences, even though they may widely differ!

What makes it special?

  • 9 color options
  • Optional accessories
  • Large sink size

What cons did we find?

  • Only undermount

Franke DIG61091Best Color Choices

  • Installation type: dual mount
  • Sink dimensions: 33” x 22” x 9”
  • Min. cabinet size: 36”
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Available colors: graphite, champagne, mocha, white
  • Material type: granite

Other features: sanitized built-in protective barrier; scratch, stain and heat resistant up to 536˚F

Third on our list we have the Franke DIG61091 granite sink. The Franke DIG61091 is a sink model that is both a top mount and undermount which is an excellent feature as it allows the buyer multiple ways to install their sink. One of the lighter options on our list, the Franke DIG61091 weighs in at 36 pounds, only adding to its easy installation qualities.

With sink dimensions  of 33” x 22” x 9” and a minimum cabinet size of 36 inches, this is one of the larger sized sinks included on our list making it an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to purchase a granite sink and needs it to be able to contain a considerable amount of kitchen supplies.

The Franke DIG61091 granite sink also includes a built in protective barrier to provide an extra sanitary protection, even in between washes! In addition to the protective barrier the Franke DIG61091 granite sink is also resistant to scratches as well as stains making it the preferred choice for anyone who is generally cooking messier items in the kitchen or someone who is more prone to scratches. This granite sink is also heat resistant up to temperatures of 536˚ F!

This granite sink also comes in four different colors: graphite, champagne, mocha and white and is sure to impress even the biggest of fashionistas!

Why are we impressed?

  • Built in protective barrier
  • Top and undermount
  • Four color options

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Poor customer service

Lavello Luxor 100LTBest Dual Mount Sink

  • Installation type: dual mount
  • Sink dimensions: 30 11/16” x 16 11/16” x 7 12/16”
  • Min. cabinet size: 17”
  • Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Available colors: black
  • Material type: granite composite

Other features: heat resistant up to 536°F, 3.5” drain hole, non-fading color with UV protection, eliminate vibration and noise, lifetime warranty

Next on our list we have the Lavello Luxor 100LT. This outstanding granite sink is made out of 80% granite and 20% resin making it a slightly lighter sink option compared to some of the other seven products on our list. Weighing about 33 pounds, this sink will also be a fairly easy appliance to install. To add to its easy installation features, the Lavello Luxor 100LT sink is both a undermount and a drop in installation type making it an ideal model for anyone who is not certain yet what installation process would be the best fit for their kitchen.

With dimensions of 30 11/16” x 16 11/16” x 7 12/16” and a minimum cabinet size dimension of 17 inches, the Lavello Luxor 100LT granite sink is a smaller options. This sink also has a left configured drain that is measured to be around 3.5 inches, making it a best suited for those who do not have an excessive amount of kitchen space to spare.

The Lavello Luxor 100LT sink includes features such as non-fading color with UV protection, high heat resistance, limited effects on vibration and noise as well as a lifetime warranty! With all these features it is easy to see why the Lavello Luxor 100LT found its way on our list of the 8 best granite sinks on the market!

Why are we impressed?

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Drain on the left
  • Smaller sink option

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Only comes in black

Houzer M-200UBest Double Bowl Pick

  • Installation type: undermount
  • Sink dimensions: 22” x 33” x 9.5”
  • Min. cabinet size: 36”
  • Weight: not specified
  • Available colors: black, biscuit, white, mocha
  • Material type: granite

Other features: 9. 5″ bowl depth; food-safe, UV-stable-will not fade; non-porous surface; low recessed divider; heat resistant up to 500°F.

The Houzer N-200U is quite the granite sink and we just had to include it on our list of the 8 best granite sinks! This granite cabinet model is an undermount installation, which unfortunately does leave a little less flexibility in the installation process. However, this sink more than makes up for this minor installation inconvenience with it wide array of other desirable features!

With the dimensions of 22” x 33” x 9.5” this sink is the longest featured on our list of the best granite sinks. This feature would make this sink an excellent choice for anyone who has either long countertop space or who wants their sink to be the main component of their kitchen.

This sink is made with 80% quartz sand as well as 20% high grade acrylic meaning that each sink has an extremely sturdy, tough and durable surface as well as the ability to withstand high temperatures all the way up to 500 degrees! This sink also includes a low recessed divider between bowls giving the look and feel of two sturdy sinks in one unit!

There are a variety of colors available for the Houzer N-200U granite sink! Among them are black, biscuit, white and mocha. Based off of customer reviews the white is the most popular color purchased but mocha is a close second. The Houzer N-200U granite sink includes UV stable surface meaning that the color will not fade regardless of how many uses!

What are our favorite features?

  • Long sink length size
  • Variety of colors
  • Low recessed divider

What could be better?

  • Only undermount installation
  • Sink doesn’t fully drain


  • Installation type: undermount
  • Sink dimensions: 32” x 19” 9.5”
  • Min. cabinet size: 36”
  • Weight: not specified
  • Available colors: anthracite + 8 more colors
  • Material type: silgranite

Other features: 80% solid granite, non-porous, highly resistant to scratching and chipping, easy to clean, extremely hygienic, lifetime warranty

Next up, we have the BLANCO PRECIS SILGRANIT granite sink. We loved that while this sink is only 80% granite, it still has the look and feel as if it was made entirely out of stone, whereas some of the other partial granite products out there do a less convincing job of mimicking the look and touch of the actual stone.

This granite sinks is measured to be 32″ L X 19″ W X 9.5″ and determined to fit a 36 inch minimum cabinet size making this another granite sink option for someone who is looking for something in the average to mid-sized sink range. This granite sink is also only an undermount installation type, but given its dimensions, should not prove to be too difficult to install in most kitchen models.

Like many of the other granite sinks included on this ultimate granite sink list, the BLANCO PRECIS SILGRANIT is extremely hygienic, supremely easy to clean and is highly resistant to any damage including scratches, chipping or staining.

This sink also includes a lifetime warranty which is a sure sign that the BLANCO PRECIS SILGRANIT manufacturers are certain that you will be more than pleased with their product not only now but also for the years to come.

The BLANCO PRECIS SILGRANIT also comes in a wide variety of colors including Anthracite, biscotti, biscuit, cafe brown, cinder, concrete gray, metallic gray, truffle and white.

Not sure what color is for you? They also offer an interactive tool! Download the BLANCO SILGRANIT mobile color app to help determine which sink colors will best match with your current cabinets and other kitchen fixtures!

Why is it special?

  • Interactive app features
  • 9 color options
  • Lifetime warranty

What are the flaws?

  • Surface is textured

Swanstone QZ03322AD.077Best Renovation Option

  • Installation type: dual mount
  • Sink dimensions: 13” x 26” x 39”
  • Min. cabinet size: not specified
  • Weight: 53 lbs.
  • Available colors: Nero
  • Material type: granite

Other features: 80% actual quartz stone, pre-drilled with 1 faucet hole, innovative raised platform with decorative channels

Next on our list we have the Swanstone QZ03322AD.077 which is an excellent granite sink option for practically any kitchen model, especially a kitchen that is prone to a lot of heavy use. Made with 80% genuine quartz stone, the only stone harder than this sink is a diamond! The manufacturer’s website states the Swanstone QZ03322AD. 077 is virtually indestructible and will not experience any wear and tear or damage from kitchen use.

The Swanstone QZ03322AD.077 weighs around 53 pounds and has the dimensions of 13” x 26” x 39” making it a moderate to good sized kitchen sink option. These dimensions are the standard sink size in most kitchens making the Swanstone QZ03322AD.077 an excellent new option for anyone who is looking to replace their current sink fixture in their kitchen.

The Swanstone QZ03322AD.077 is both a drop in and undermount installation type further making it an excellent option for not only a replacement sink but for the original sink to be installed in a kitchen renovation.

This granite sink model comes in one color, nero and is highly praised in the customer reviews as well as the lifetime warranty that accompanies each purchase of the  Swanstone QZ03322AD.077

Another feature unique to the Swanstone QZ03322AD.077 is its construction. Featuring a raised panel and various decorative channels, this innovative granite sink model by Swanstone is guaranteed to impress. A benefit of this sink’s construction is that it is fast filling and enables even more water conservation.

What makes it stand out?

  • Virtually indestructible
  • Raised panel and decorative channels
  • Standard size for easy sink replacement

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Limited colors

Ruvati RVG1344Best Value

  • Installation type: dual mount
  • Sink dimensions: 33” x 22” x 9”
  • Min. cabinet size: not specified
  • Weight: 54.4 lbs.
  • Available colors: midnight black + 5 more colors
  • Material type: granite composite

Other features: stain- and bacteria-resistant, temperature-resistant up to 536°F; 1 fully drilled hole for faucet installation, 4 additional half-drilled holes

Last but certainly not least, we have the Ruvati RVG1344. An excellent dual mount granite sink option, this is another medium sized option with dimensions clocking in at 33” x 22” x 9” and weighing around 54.4 pounds.

Created with 80% crushed natural granite, the Ruvati RVG1344 contains a variety of benefits that come with a product being constructed, even partially from granite. Some of these benefits include a surface that is not only antibacterial but also entirely resistant to even the toughest of stains, being able to withstand extremely high temperatures all the way up to 536°F and a color that reaches all the way through the sink, meaning it will never fade or discolor.

The other 20% of the sink is constructed from proprietary resin that makes the sink entirely NON-POROUS and unaffected by nearly all household chemicals, making it extremely durable and long lasting.

The Ruvati RVG1344 granite sink is available in six different colors, including Arctic White, Black Midnight, Carribean Sand, Espresso Brown, Metallic Gray and Midnight Black. With such a large selection of colors to choose from, there is certain to be a match for even the pickiest of buyers.

Another great aspect of the Ruvati RVG1344 is the installation add-ons or features that are included in the box. Some of these features include a basket strainer drain assembly, a cutout template  or both installation types,  Mounting Clips as well as an Installation Guide

What makes it stand out?

  • Wide variety of colors
  • Installation items included
  • Dual mount installation type

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Clamps are difficult to tighten

Things to Consider

Choosing the right granite sink can seem like a massive undertaking. However with a little bit of research, finding the right model can be a breeze. Below, we go through the particulars of what to look for when purchasing a granite sink. Ready to maneuver through each product description and find the best granite sink? Read on!

Benefits of granite sinks

There are many benefits to owning a granite sink including both functional and cosmetic benefits. Granite sinks are proven to be much more durable, long lasting and significantly more resistant to high temperatures and scratches than sinks made with the other popular materials on the market. Granite can be shaped in a variety of ways including chiseling, sculpting and carving. Cosmetically, granite is excellent in kitchens as each piece is unique and can be seamless made into a countertop as well.

8 Best Granite Sinks - Great Addition to Your Kitchen's Aesthetics!

Features to consider when choosing a granite sink

There are many features to consider when choosing a granite sink and many of them are dependent on each buyer’s preference. Choosing which size bowl is one of the main features to consider as there are single, double or triple bowl options. It is also important to take into account where the drain is located as it varies slightly from sink to sink. Sink size is also important to consider as you won’t want to purchase a sink that is too big your kitchen’s counter


As one would expect, there are different ways to install a granite sink just as there are many various types of granite sinks.

A few different methods include topmount (drop-in), undermount, dual mount and farmhouse installation.
The design or model of the granite sink determines how it is installed and often the name of the design is synonymous with the installation process. For example, a topmount sink is installed from the top of the counter whereas the undermount is installed from under the countertop. Dual-mount, as you can imagine, can be installed both from above and below, while the farmhouse is installed in a manner that has the front bit of the sink entirely exposed.

Dimensions and weight

Naturally the dimensions and weight of any potential kitchen sink should be considered in conjunction with the kitchen dimensions. A good rule of thumb is that the interior width of the sink’s cabinet determines the maximum dimensions for your sink. That being said most sinks on the market run about 20 to 30 inches and weigh anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds. But as always, there are exceptions to that “rule” as an increase in size could potentially increase weight etc.

Min. cabinet size

Minimum cabinet size is crucial in determining what size sink to purchase. As Overstock.com says “A sink’s minimum cabinet size is a measurement indicating the least amount of under-cabinet and top counter space required for the sink to fit properly. To find your minimum cabinet size, measure the available space on your countertop from back to front and check with the products listed minimum cabinet size and verify that the space measured will fit!

Style and color

8 Best Granite Sinks - Great Addition to Your Kitchen's Aesthetics!

As we mentioned earlier the installation process is also synonymous with the styles of granite sinks. Some styles include topmount, undermount, dual-mount and farmhouse. In terms of color, granite sinks tend to be fairly neutral, being most popular in tans, browns, whites and blacks. However there are various manufacturers out there that offer a variety of colors so if you are looking for a nontraditional color, there are options out there, such as the BLANCO PRECIS SILGRANIT.


Yes! Granite sinks are extremely durable! Granite sinks are created using high pressure, making them non porous and hygienic in addition to making them resistant to high temperature, popular staining agents etc.

Heat resistance

In the same way that granite sinks are created to be so durable is the same way that they are also heat resistant.

Due to the high compression stress that granite sinks are molded in, they become extremely durable and as an additional effect, heat resistant.
An additional bonus to this creation process is that these sinks do not require any other additional maintenance to prevent any wear and tear or defects.

Other features

Besides the features that we mentioned above, there are several other features that are useful when determining when to picking a granite sink? How easy is the surface to clean? Do the colors of the sink fade after continued use? How noise eliminating is the material?


Granite sinks are no more difficult to clean than any other popular sink model. Some of the best methods to clean a granite sink include baking soda, vinegar or a popular sink cleaning spray product.

Granite and granite composite sinks look similar but are actually quite distinct from one another. The main distinction is that a composite sink is made from 95% natural stone and 5% resin. Pure granite sinks are often extremely heavy and requires frequent sealing to preserve the materials and is prone to chipping whereas composite sinks are lightweight, do not chip and require little to no maintenance aside from routine cleaning.

Our Verdict

There you have it! Our list of the best 8 granite sinks on the market. At the top of our list we have the Kraus Forteza which is also our Editor’s Choice. We loved that it a dual mount installation process and enriched by silver ions to which makes it automatically hygienic.

Second on our list we have the BLANCO Diamond, which is our premium pick. A strong choice for a granite sink undermount installation type given it’s widely used dimensions and minimum cabinet size; we also love the wide variety of colors this granite sink is available in.

Third we have the Franke DIG61091. One of the larger sinks on our list, this sink is compatible with both top mount and undermount installation process. Available in four stunning colors, it is no wonder that this is on our list of the best granite sinks!

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