6 Best Fluoride Water Filters — Take Control Over What You Drink!

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CookSpot is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.

We drink water every day. Shouldn’t it be as clean as possible? Unfortunately, lurking in our tap water are a whole host of contaminants, including fluoride. When stored in your body in large amounts, it has the potential to lead to health complications. If you’re worried about what goes in your body and want to make sure every glass of water you drink is clean and pure, then the best fluoride water filter system can add peace of mind.

To help you find the best water filter for fluoride removal, we’ve rounded up six of the best products on the market. These are a mixture of filter pitchers and under-sink filter systems. Our Editor’s Choice is the Crystal Clear Water Filter System. It is an under-sink system that is easy to install. What’s more, the filter lasts for a long time before needing to be changed. To see if this fluoride water filter works for you, or if an alternative is better suited, we will review each of the six products so you know exactly how they perform.

Our article includes an in-depth look at the best water filters for fluoride. We highlight all the important features to consider, including water capacity, the percentage of fluoride removed, and any manufacturer warranties. It also includes a buying guide explaining what the features are, as well as answers any remaining questions. We should all be drinking at least eight glass of water a day. Let’s make sure that water is clean and clear.

Top 6 Fluoride Water Filters Review 2022


Crystal Clear Water Filter SystemEditor’s Choice

  • Type: under-sink; in-line
  • Capacity: 12,000 gal.
  • Fluoride removal rate: 90%
  • Certification: NSF listed parts

Extra features: comes with a faucet; leaves beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, intact

The Crystal Clear Water Filter System is our Editor’s Choice because it is the best whole house water filter to remove fluoride and chlorine. Once you better understand its features, you’ll definitely understand why.

Not only does this filter system remove fluoride, but it also gets rid of lead chlorine, and heavy metals. These chemicals can build-up in your body leading to drastic health issues. If you can remove them, you will be a lot healthier for it.

Conversely, the filter is designed to leave healthy minerals in your water. Calcium and magnesium are integral to a healthy body, so it’s nice that these are left behind in your water.

The installation for the Crystal Clear Water Filter System is very simple. There are quick-connect adaptors which means no plumbers are necessary. Just about anyone can install this water filter system, which leads to a lot less hassle. Plus, you save money by not needing to hire a plumber.

The convenience of having a water filter system hooked right up to your tap is amazing. Simple turn on the water, and it’s crystal clear. There’s no fuss, no need to remember to fill a water pitcher, and no need to make room for a jug in your fridge.

While the Crystal Clear Water Filter System is a little expensive, remember that it will last years. So, in the long run, it is much cheaper than having to constantly replace pitcher filters, or worse, buying cases of bottled water.

Why are we impressed?

  • Cost-effective in the long run
  • Very easy to install
  • Doesn’t remove beneficial minerals

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Need to cycle through water a few times to get the filter working properly

iSpring RCC7Best Value

  • Type: under-sink; reverse osmosis
  • Capacity: not specified
  • Fluoride removal rate: 94-96%
  • Certification: NSF/ANSI 58

Extra features: 5-stage filtration; 3.2-gallon pressurized tank

The iSpring RCC7 can be a bit daunting when you first look at it. While other under the sink models have just two filter sections, this product has three. It also has a pressurized tank. The set-up, however, is needed for the technical reverse osmosis process.

With a five-stage filtration process, the iSpring RCC7 really means business. It removes an impressive 96% of fluoride. It also removes up to 98% of lead as well as other contaminants including chlorine, arsenic, hormones, and more.

The set-up process is nice and easy thanks to the quick-fitting connectors. There shouldn’t be any leaks, but if you are having trouble in the installation process, simply phone the helpline, and someone will be able to assist you. It’s always nice to know you can ask someone for help instead of calling in an expensive plumber.

While the manufacturer assures that the iSpring RCC7 can fit under any sink, you might want to conduct a few measurements of your own. There are three filter tubes and while they might all fit, there might not be any room for anything else. Be sure that you have enough room to house everything under the sink so that nothing gets knocked around.

Interestingly, the iSpring RCC7 actually includes a faucet. It is made from brushed nickel and is quite stylish. Other models on our list connect with your existing faucet, so this model has an extra element to it.

Why did it make our list?

  • Incudes brush nickel faucet
  • Eliminates over 1,000 contaminants
  • Impressive filtering technology

What is not ideal about it?

  • Can take up a lot of space under the sink
  • Might need some professional installation help

Woder WD-FRM-8K-DCPremium Pick

  • Type: under-sink; in-line
  • Capacity: 8,000 gal.
  • Fluoride removal rate: 95%
  • Certification: NSF/ANSI 42 and NSF/ANSI 372

Extra features: comes with ‘Direct Connect’ hoses – no plumbing required

Our Premium Pick for best fluoride water filter is an under-sink, in-line type. What makes the Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC really special is that, despite the fact you need to attach it to your water line, the connection is incredibly simple. In fact, you don’t need any plumbing experience at all. This leads to a whole lot less stress, and a lot less money as you don’t have to pay anyone for the installation.

The Direct Connect hose fits standard water valves that exist under any US bathroom or kitchen sink. Just install it on your cold water valve and faucet stem. And voila! Instant water filtration.

Thanks to the Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC, you can rest assured that the water your drink does not have anything you’d rather not drink. This includes fluoride as well as chlorine, lead, heavy metals, tastes, and odors. You’ll be sipping on fresh, clean water all day long.

While pitcher filtration systems require you to change the filter every two to four months, you don’t have to worry about changing anything for at least two years. The Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC has a filter that lasts for 8,000 gallons.

Included in your purchase are the hose, water valves, filters, and pipes. Everything you need. Despite all the parts, some consumers were less than impressed with the quality of either the hose or the pipe fittings. Thankfully, if you think you need an upgrade, all the parts can be found at local hardware stores and are relatively inexpensive.

What do we love it for?

  • Filter lasts for two years
  • Extremely easy hook up
  • Also filters heavy chemicals, chlorine, and lead

What were we disappointed with?

  • Might need to upgrade parts

Epic Pure Water Filter PitcherBest Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

  • Type: pitcher
  • Capacity: 3.5 liters
  • Fluoride removal rate: 90%
  • Certification: EPA; ANSI; NSF 42 and 53

Extra features: made in the USA; five-stage filtration

Our pick for the best water filter pitcher to remove fluoride is the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher. It has a 3.5-liter capacity which is fairly standard for water filters. Its ergonomic design allows it to be placed in the fridge, either on a shelf or on the door. The lid fits securely so you don’t have to worry about spills.

With the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher comes a five-stage filter. The filter removes fluoride, lead, chromium, mercury, and many more unwanted microbes. The filter will also last a long time, months longer than other similar water pitchers. If you can’t remember when to change the filter, don’t worry. This product actually includes a digital reminder.

The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. So, no matter what issues you may encounter, there will always be someone there to help you. Furthermore, there is a 24/7 phone support and a no-hassle return policy. Purchasing something online can be a bit nerve-wracking. It’s always beneficial when a company has such a quality customer service.

The container itself is made from FDA-approved materials. The filters are also 100% BPA-free. What’s more, the pitcher is also recyclable; this is a real bonus for anyone who is eco-conscious.

The only real concern with the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher is that the filter can get a bit expensive to replace. However, if you compare the price with purchasing cases of bottled water, then it’s still a bargain.

What do we love it for?

  • Easy, ergonomic design
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Includes digital reminder to replace the filter

What were we disappointed with?

  • Replacement filters are expensive

Aquagear Water Filter PitcherMost Eco-Friendly Water Pitcher

  • Type: pitcher
  • Capacity: 3.5 liters
  • Fluoride removal rate: 6%
  • Certification: NSF 42 and 53; FDA

Extra features: lifetime guarantee; 5-stage filter

While water pitchers illuminate the need for bottled water, which is not good for the environment, they are still made out of plastic. Thankfully, the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher makes the most out of a bad situation and is 100% recyclable. The plastic is all 100% BPA-free. Furthermore, it is 100% vegan and 100% made from FDA-approved materials. If you’re looking to lessen your impact on the environment, this is the water filter pitcher for you.

Other highlights of the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher include the filter which removes fluoride, lead, mercury, and chlorine. While this pitcher removes unwanted elements, it actually keeps beneficial elements in your water, such as calcium and magnesium.

When you purchase the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher, you will receive a lifetime guarantee. If you have any issues, you can contact the manufacturer where you are assured of same-day customer support. What’s more, if your water pitcher ever breaks, it will be replaced completely free of charge.

While the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher has a lot going for it, it does have one consistent flaw. The water can take quite a while to pass through the filter. This means a lot more time spent by you, slowly filling it with water. For those who drink a lot of water, or have large families depending on the clean water this pitcher provides, a slow wait can quickly turn to a headache.

This is truly a water filter pitcher that cares about both you and the environment.

What are its best features?

  • Environmentally-friendly design
  • Excellent customer service
  • Impressive filter characteristics

What could be improved?

  • Take a while for water to go through filter

Propur Traveler Water Filter SystemBest Countertop Filter System

  • Type: countertop; gravity
  • Capacity: 1.6-gal. tank (6 L)
  • Fluoride removal rate: 97%
  • Certification: NSF/ANSI 42

Extra features: stainless steel construction

There will be a lot of times when you want access to clean, filtered water. While you can purchase a water pitcher that fits in your fridge, or a filter system that is installed under your sink, there is a third alternative.

The Propur Traveler Water Filter System is a six-liter stainless steel canister. It is made to fit on top of your counter. What’s really nice is that this system is portable. So, if you want clean water at home, but also need something when you’re camping or in an RV, you can simply use the same water canister.

All you need to do is fill the water canister with tap water. The filter will then remove fluoride, bacteria, pesticides, and other unwanted microbes from your water. However, calcium and other beneficial minerals will actually be left in your water. It’s a win-win situation.

The filter lasts quite a while, so you only need to replace it every six months. What’s more, the filter actually has silver infused in them. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria, making your water that much cleaner.

The design of the Propur Traveler Water Filter System is very attractive. It is made from stainless steel and looks perfect amongst any modern décor. You will need to make sure you can place the filter system at the edge of a counter as the spout to fill a cup is at the bottom of the cannister.

Why did it make our list?

  • Portable water system
  • Stainless steel design is sleek and modern
  • The filter won’t attract bacteria

What is not ideal about it?

  • Need sufficient counter space
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Things to Consider

Not quite sure which is the best water filter to remove fluoride? A look at our buying guide should answer any remaining questions and point you in the right direction.

Why get rid of fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural element, but too much of even something natural can be a bad thing. While fluoride does help to prevent tooth decay, it isn’t really meant to be consumed. It’s even worse if it enters the bloodstream. Most toothpaste that people use contains fluoride. With this toothpaste, you should be sure to spit any remaining out and not swallow. If you use fluoride toothpaste and take good care of your oral health, then you do not need extra fluoride in your water.

When fluoride is ingested, it can actually lodge in your bones, causing major issues. It should be noted, however, that you would need to consume a lot of fluoride for this to happen. There are also numerous health studies that advocate for the inclusion of fluoride in water.

What it all comes down to is choice. Because fluoride is added to water at a community government level, users have no choice about what they drink. Unless they purchase a fluoride water filter. So, if you are worried about health risks, take excellent care of your teeth, and want to have the final say about what you ingest in your body, then removing fluoride might be the best option.

6 Best Fluoride Water Filters — Take Control Over What You Drink!Features to consider while choosing a water filter for fluoride removal

There are many ways to remove fluoride from your water. Different filters, whether as part of a water pitcher, or a more invasive tap structure, are all ways you can go. Before you choose the right fluoride water filter, be sure to pay attention to the different features available with the different systems.


When it comes to fluoride water filters, there are two main types. The one you’re most familiar with is a water pitcher. This is filled by the tap and is usually placed in the fridge. As the pitcher is filled, the tap water cycles through a filter to remove unwanted particulates. This can be a slow process depending on the filter. You also need to have space in your fridge to keep the jug as it will most likely need a permanent home there.

The other option is installing a water filtration system to your kitchen taps. This system is placed under the sink and adheres to the water line. The water is filtered on its way to the kitchen faucet, and once you turn on the water, filtered water comes out.

This is a more expensive system, and if you don’t have any plumbing skills, you may need to hire a professional for installation. While you will still need to replace the filter, it is more convenient and less hassle than having to constantly fill a small jug. If you drink a lot of water, especially if your home had multiple family members, then a permanent filter is a better option. A third, less common option, is an on-the-counter filter. Made of a large canister, this water filter has the added benefit of being portable. They are great if you frequently camp or use an RV. Simply take the water filter with you, set it up on a counter or table, and you’ve got access to clean water.

6 Best Fluoride Water Filters — Take Control Over What You Drink!


On our list, there are two types of fluoride water filter systems. One is the standard water jug, and the other is a built-in, under-the-sink system.

When looking at jug water filters, capacity is extremely important. Too small and you’ll have to constantly refill your jug. Too big and it might not fit in your fridge.

The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher and the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher have a capacity of 3.5 liters, while the Propur Traveler Water Filter System has a capacity of 6 liters. The remaining three products on our list attach to your sink’s water line, so their capacity is unlimited.

When looking at water filters, you might see the capacity in reference to the filter. For example, the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher has a filter capacity of 760 liters.

A filter’s lifespan is measured in liters, although it is often averaged out to weeks to make it easier for you. The longer the filter’s lifespan is, the less often you will need to change it. This saves you both money and time.

Fluoride removal rate

The fluoride removal rate is presented as a percentage and means how much fluoride is removed from the water after going through the filtration system. All of the products on our list have a fluoride removal rate of at least 90%. The top product on our list boasts a removal rate of 97%. It is the Propur Traveler Water Filter System.

With these removal rates should come a level of skepticism. Some issues regarding filter age or even construction could alter the rates when you use the filter system. If you’re not sure, you can always purchase a separate testing system to see just how effective your new fluoride water system really is.

In addition to the fluoride removal rate you might see other elements and their removal rate. Water filters have multiple stages in them, so different elements are removed at separate stages. While they will all be roughly the same percentage, some elements might be removed at a higher percentage than others.


There can be a lot of claims about how effective a water filtration system is. To protect you from potential scams, always check to see who has certified these products. If a product doesn’t have any certification, it means either it didn’t go through a regulatory body, or it did, but failed.

Under the certification feature, you will see different abbreviations. FDA stands for the Food and Drug Agency. It screens anything food-related and tests potential claims.

While NSF once stood for the National Sanitation Foundation, today the organization is called The Public Health and Safety Organization. It performs rigorous testing on products in a number of fields, including food and beverages. If you see NSF and a number, such as 42 or 53, it means the product was tested according to that category. In these cases, NSF 42 and 53 relate to filtration systems.

One other certification you might see is EPA. This stands for the Environmental Protection Agency. Its certification means the product is not harmful to the environment.


6 Best Fluoride Water Filters — Take Control Over What You Drink!

Will you have enough space for your fluoride water filter? If you are purchasing a water pitcher, take a look inside your fridge to see where you want it to go. While most fridges have shelves on the door, these are often narrow and might not fit a pitcher. The same goes in reference to height. Alternately, if you want to place your water pitcher inside the fridge, remember that this will be a permanent staple. You will need to balance other food items around your pitcher and make sure it has a home that does not inconvenience you.

There is one countertop filter on our list, the Propur Traveler Water Filter System. It is meant to live on your kitchen countertop, or anywhere else you need it to be. In addition to finding space for it, including height restrictions, you also need to take the spout into account. This filter system has a spout at the bottom for which you can pour water into a cup. The canister needs to be by the edge of a countertop so that there is enough room to place a cup underneath the spout.


When it comes to warranties, they can be all over the place. Some warranties only cover one year. Some products, like the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher, have a lifetime guarantee. While the smaller water filter pitchers on our list are not as expensive, and therefore not as necessary to have a long warranty, the filtration hook up systems on our list, should have longer warranties. These systems connect directly to your water line, so you don’t want to be stuck with any faulty parts or worse, water leaks. Having a solid warranty with this type of filtration system is really important in case anything should go wrong.

While a warranty is important, the quality of customer service is equally essential. Access to 24/7 help means if there are any issues someone will be there to help. As more and more companies are becoming automated, being able to talk to a real person is always beneficial.

Extra features

6 Best Fluoride Water Filters — Take Control Over What You Drink!

As with all products, there will be those that go above and beyond expectations. When it comes to fluoride water filters, extra features are always a welcome bonus.

Filters are pretty powerful, but they are also becoming more precise. Those that filter out negative elements such as fluoride and chlorine, but leave helpful elements such as calcium and magnesium should be highly regarded.

Other extra features to look for include the filter process itself. Most filters now have three stages, but there are some with impressive five stages. The more stages there are, the more likely they are to expertly filter out everything unwanted. They also increase the percentage of negative elements removed.

While it really shouldn’t be an extra feature, the overall craftsmanship of a water filter should be considered. Do parts need to be replaced with better, premium ones? Do all the parts fit securely together, or are leaks inevitable? If you’re not sure based on reviews, you can always look to the manufacturer’s guarantee. When companies include lifetime guarantees and responsive customer service, chances are they stand behind their construction.


Ideally, you should change your water filter every two to four months for a pitcher, and every two years for an under-sink system. Most water filter systems won’t alert you of this necessity, so you should always keep track and set a reminder for yourself. However, some, like the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher, does have a digital reminder to replace your filter.

Water may seem like a clear liquid, but it often contains unwanted micro contaminants. While small doses of these elements are not a problem, you often won’t know just what is in your water unless you regularly test it. Common water contaminants can include aluminum, bleach, copper, lead, and many more. If any of these elements build up in your system it can lead to severe health complications.

It prevents tooth decay. To ensure that everyone, especially young children and the elderly have the same access to fluoride, many communities add fluoride to their drinking water. However, while fluoride can prevent tooth decay, ingesting too much can be hazardous. If you regularly use fluoride toothpaste and don’t have any concerns about your tooth health, then removing it from fluoride from your drinking water may be a good idea.

Our Verdict

While there are two main types of water filter systems on our list, it’s not surprising that our top three choices are all under-sink models. While they cost a bit more at the offset, they are much easier to use than constantly refilling pitchers, and this will save you money in the long run.

Our Editor’s Choice is the Crystal Clear Water Filter System. It is very easy to install and filters out a lot of unwanted elements from your water. This system will leave behind beneficial elements, such as calcium and magnesium, so the water your drink is as healthy as possible.

Also, on our list is the iSpring RCC7. We think it’s one of the best values for the money you can find. The system is a bit bulky, so just be sure to measure under your sink to ensure it fits smoothly.

One final pick for the best fluoride water filter system is the Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC. This is one of the easiest filter systems to install. So, if you aren’t confident in your plumbing skills, this is the unit to purchase.

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