5 Best Blenders for Juicing – Get Your Vitamins Every Morning!

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CookSpot is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.

Using a blender for all your juicing needs can save you time and money from spending extra money on overpriced store-bought juices. A blender can take whatever you like and turn it into a healthy drink in a matter of seconds. You can see exactly what is going into the juices you make so that you can make juices that are perfect for your taste buds.

Today we will take a look at five of the best blenders for juicing on the market. We look at blenders that each offer something unique for your blending needs from the most basic to advanced options on the market. However, our personal pick has to be the Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane that blows away the competition. With over a horsepower of juicing potential, this blender has what it takes on to make even the most difficult of ingredients into a tasty juice. In addition to its impressive power, this blender comes packed with many features and accessories for the perfect juice every time. We’ll take a better look at this blender in our review later, as well as some other great options for your blending needs.

After we look at some of the best juicing blenders in a rating table and review section, we’ll take a look at some features in our buying guide like power and speed that helped us in doing our review so you can better understand which blender is best for you.

Top 5 Blenders for Juicing Review 2022

  • Power: 120V
  • Speeds: high, low, pulse
  • Cup capacity: 320 oz jar, 160 oz cup, 80 oz chopper cup
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.5 x 13.9 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.

More features: rotary dial controls; easy to clean; BPA-free jar; shatter-resistant

Cuisinart has been a very big name in the blender industry, and their CPB-380 shows just how capable they are of making a great machine. This blender is our top choice for the blender, as it can make you as much juice as you want with speed and efficiency. With an impressive horsepower of power, this blender has more than enough power to make any juice or smoothie you need. If you are looking for a bigger or smaller drink, the blender comes with several cup sizes that allow you to have a wide variety of drink sizes for your convenience.

This unit is very easy to live with, as it offers many features that make it perfect to live with. A removable blade assembly and dishwasher safe cups make this unit very easy to clean up when your done making juice. Additionally, this unit looks nice enough to keep out even when you aren’t using it.

For a blender that has so many great features, you are getting quite a lot of equipment for your money. It is because of this value that this blender has been chosen as our editor’s pick for its abundance of excellent traits.

What do we love it for?

  • Plenty of power
  • Lots of cup options
  • Easy to clean

What were we disappointed with?

  • Blade and lid twist opposite directions
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  • Power: 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 Amps
  • Speeds: variable
  • Cup capacity: 64 oz
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 7.2 x 8.8 inches
  • Weight: 13 lbs.

More features: self-cleaning; hardened stainless-steel blades

If you are looking for a blender that makes you feel like a pro, look no further. The Vitamix 5200 blender combines all of the features you would normally see on a professional-grade blender and puts it into a package that will be an excellent addition to your home kitchen. For this and many more reasons, we chose this blender to be our favorite premium option.

Just one look at this blender and you will immediately recognize that it is here for some serious business. With its variable speed control, you have the ability to adjust the blending and juicing speed on the spot for various needs. Additionally, this machine has a hardened steel blade so that it can make easy work of any ingredients to make your juice.

For added convenience, this blender comes with a feature that allows it to clean itself with just soap and water to make it even more worthwhile. With so many high-end features and a design that was built to last years, the Vitamix is an easy choice for our favorite premium blender for juicing.

What do we love it for?

  • Premium design and build
  • Easy to use and very efficient
  • Built to last

What were we disappointed with?

  • Comes with a premium price tag
  • Very heavy

Ninja BL480Versatile

  • Power: 1000W motor
  • Speeds: variable and pulse
  • Cup capacity: 18 oz and 24 oz
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs.

More features: auto IQ technology

The Ninja name has been associated with easy to use blenders that are perfect for quick and effective drink making. The Ninja BL480 takes everything great about blenders and juice making and brings it into a modern and very easy to use package.

With its auto IQ technology, this blender allows the blender to mix together efficiently and extract essential nutrients into your drink. With its impressive 1000 watt power, this motor will be more than enough to make easy juice out of whatever you throw at it. The special pro extractor blades work with a special timing system to ensure you are getting an excellent juice every time without fuss.

One of the best parts of this blender is how convenient it is to use and live with it. The two included cups are just the right size for a personal serving of juice, and the included caps allow you to take your fresh beverage on the go. For the juice lover who likes single servings made with ease, this is the blender for you.

Why did it make our list?

  • Smart blending technology
  • Included cups and lids
  • Very easy to clean

What is not ideal about it?

  • Limited portion sizes
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ANIMORE Portable BlenderBest Value

  • Power: 300W DC motor; 120V
  • Speeds: 20000 RPM
  • Cup capacity: 9 oz
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.6 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 3.41 lbs.

More features: portable; retro design

For a truly unique looking and quirky little blender, look no further. The ANIMORE portable blender stands out in the looks and performance category alike. With its retro-inspired design and very easy to use controls, this blender is as effective as a decoration as it is as a blender. For its excellent performance and a great price, we chose this blender as our best value option for the list.

The design of this unit looks excellent, and it is designed to make drinks and juice as easy as possible. The handle on the side that controls power simply has an on and off position, so there is little doubt about how to use the unit. On the front, you will find a small and convenient dial that lights up when your drink is ready to be poured.

The unique six-blade design gives this blender a better blending characteristic that allows it to do more work without needing excessive amounts of power. The small and lightweight design of this blender also makes it great for portability as you can very easily just move it around and bring it wherever you go. If you want a blender that doesn’t give you any fuss and looks like a tasteful antique, you will love what the ANIMORE can offer.

What makes it special?

  • Quirky and unique design
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Easy to use and clean

What cons did we find?

  • Not very powerful
  • Only makes smaller servings

Ninja Professional Countertop BlenderGreat for Cold Drinks

  • Power: 1000W
  • Speeds: low, medium, high, pulse
  • Cup capacity: 64 oz
  • Dimensions: 9.50 x 7.50 x 17.00 inches
  • Weight: 7.10 lbs.

More features: blasts ice easily; Auto-IQ technology; dishwasher safe

Seeing another Ninja product on our list shows just how prominent they have become in the blender industry. While the other Ninjas was great for small and on the go drinks, the Ninja Professional is exactly what its name suggests. This blender looks at the business and comes with the performance to back it up.

This blender has everything you need to make juice with easy and look professional while doing it. The 1000-watt power allows this blender to take on any juice and drink you throw at it. For easy usage, this blender has four settings that allow you to choose just how you want your drink to be made.

This machine also offers 64- and 72-ounce cup size support so that you can make decent batches of juice without needing multiple batches. As an added benefit, this blender has a special feature that crushed up ice with ease for a colder drink or extra flare. The six-blade design also allows this blender to take on any drink in your book for an excellent end result.

What do we love it for?

  • Very effective at making drinks
  • Ice crushing capabilities
  • Easy to use controls and design

What were we disappointed with?

  • Does not come with many accessories
  • Blades can dull easy
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Things to Consider

Now that we have seen some of the best blenders for juicing on the market, let’s get a little more in-depth with why we chose our top picks. Each blender we chose stands out in its own category, whether for its power, speed or any other factor. To help you pick the best blender for your needs, we will take a look at some common features to look for and common questions people ask when looking for their ideal blender for juicing.

Why would you use a blender for juicing?

Although many people associate blenders with a nice smoothie or milkshake in the summer, they can really do so much more. The reason that blenders are so good at also making juice is the fact that they have enough power to break down juice elements into a tasty liquid. The same way you use a blender to turn fruit into a smoothie with ice can be done with other foods to make a healthy and nutritious juice.

Additionally, all of the blenders we looked at were designed with juicing in mind, so you don’t have to go and buy a fancy juicing machine and a blender. No matter what you are looking to juice, these blenders have the power and pedigree to make some seriously delicious juice.

Features to consider before you buy a blender for juicing

5 Best Blenders for Juicing - Get Your Vitamins Every Morning!

Every blender we looked at today has numerous features and specialties that make it great for certain juicing needs. To help you better understand what makes these blenders so great, we will take a look at some common features.


When choosing your blender, the power it uses to actually make the juice should be one of your primary considerations. When looking for your ideal blender, they all have different power levels on them measured in either horsepower or watts. For example, the Cuisinart we reviewed has a little over one horsepower of power, and the ANIMORE Portable Blender has around 300 watts of power. What these numbers convey is how much power the blender will actually have to blend with.

Depending on what you are looking to juice and how much juice you want to make, the power could be a very important consideration.

The Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender with its one horsepower motor is very powerful and therefore, can make a lot of juice with very high quality. On the other hand, the ANIMORE Portable Blender, with its less powerful 300-watt motor, will be able to make a smaller amount, but it may take a little longer and produce less juice. However, power is not the final say in how your juice turns out, as we will see when we look at the impact of speed.


When we think of the speed offered by a blender, we generally assume that is the measure of how fast the blade spins. However, there are a few ways we can think of speed when looking at the effectiveness of a blender for juicing. Let’s first understand the literal speed of a blender. The speed of a blender with being measured in revolutions per minute, or RPM. This tells you how many times the blade will spin per minute. In general, the faster the speed of the blade, the faster the juicer will work.

The other way speeds are measured in a juicer is the speed options a blender offers. These speeds will generally be high, low, variable, or pulse.

Most of the blenders we mentioned above have these features as it allows for the user to decide how they want their juice to come out. You can use a slower speed for thicker juice and higher speeds for thinner recipes with pulse helping you in small bursts at a moment’s notice.

Cup capacity

Cup capacity with a blender is exactly what it sounds like. The cup capacity of any blender refers to how much it can hold in the blender and generally give you a good estimate of how much juice you will be able to make. Cup capacity is measured in ounces, or oz, and can range anywhere from 18 ounces on models like the Ninja BL480 all the way up to 320 ounces on the Cuisinart CPB-380. The cup size of these blenders can also tell you a bit about their power as the large blenders are more likely going to be able to handle more capacity. What’s great about most of these blenders is that they are designed to take a range of cup sizes. What this means is that they can handle a small cup if you just want to make a little bit of juice and then use a large cup size to make more juice as you feel necessary. As a side note, always remember to never fully fill your cup no matter the size, as that makes blending less efficient.


5 Best Blenders for Juicing - Get Your Vitamins Every Morning!

Similar to cup size, the dimensions of your blender are also pretty self-explanatory. The dimensions of a blender refer to the overall length, width, and height of any given blender. Why this is important is because this determines where you can use and store the blender. If you are living in a small apartment with not much storage space, then maybe a blender like the Ninja BL480 would be great with its small size and compact design that doesn’t take up much space. If you have a larger home and like to make more juice, you can opt for a larger blender like the Ninja Professional Blender that takes up more space but also makes more juice. It is common for the larger blenders to have more power and cup sizes as their larger dimensions are usually the result of larger motors for more power.


The last consideration to make that should not be taken for granted is the weight of the blender. Every blender has a unique weight, which can drastically affect how easy it is to move and take out for use. The ANIMORE Portable Blender only comes in at a weight of 3.41 pounds, so anyone can easily move this blender around and store it away without any hassle. However, a blender like the Vitamix 5200 weighs in at a rather heavy 13 pounds that could make it a burden for someone who has difficulty lifting heavier objects. The reason that many of the larger blenders have a heavier weight is due to the construction materials and their powerful motors. Larger motors are heavier because they have more components to make them work, and better materials like metal and durable plastics can weight more than less robust materials.


Now that you have or are planning to buy a blender, you need to be ready to clean it when you are done using it. Thankfully, modern blenders are rather easy to clean thanks to only a few moving parts and durable materials. The easiest way to clean your blender is to use the sink to wash it out with hot water and soap to get rid of any left-over juice. However, many of the blenders we looked at have dishwasher safe cups that you can place in the dishwasher to get cleaned. Some blenders even have features where you can place soap and water in the cup and use the blender to clean it itself for a very easy job. No matter how you clean your blender, make sure that you are using safe cleaning supplies and getting all of the mess.

When it comes to what types of juice you can make with these blenders, there are many options you can choose from. If you are looking for fruit juice, these blenders are more than capable of doing the job. If you go for a more powerful blender, you can easily juice almost any fruit with easy for any number of juices. You can also blend up many greens and vegetables for a healthy juice with lots of health benefits. The ability for these blenders to easily and efficiently crush up and break ice also means that they are great for making various smoothies and milkshakes.

Just like any other recipe, there are virtually limitless ways to go about making juice with your blender. A good blender can do everything you will need it to and more to create an excellent juice or smoothie. Most recipes will either be based around fruits or vegetables for health and taste. It is also very popular to make fruit juices with some greens mixed in for a boost of healthy vitamins. Many juicers also recommend adding water to the mix as that will help get rid of clumps and make the overall drink much more like a normal juice.

Our Verdict

Whether you are looking for a quick and healthy morning juice before work or want to make juice for the whole family, we know that you will be happy with any of these blenders. Each blender we looked at offers you a different experience and option for your juicing needs. With the editor’s choice Cuisinart CPB-380, have all the cup sizes and power you need to make as much or as little juice as you could ever want. Look for the Vitamix 5200 if you are looking for a premium blender that takes your juicing to the professional level. If you are looking to save money and still get great results, choose the best value ANIMORE Portable Blender for your juicing. We are confident that our best blenders for juicing are sure to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated no matter which option you choose.

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