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What is CookSpot.org?

You know that cooking became much easier with myriads of high-end tools available now. Fitting your kitchen with those tools and arranging it in the most efficient way, however, poses a challenge to most people. This website is meant to help you navigate in the world of kitchen appliances and find the perfect tools to create tholifehaksse tasty masterpieces every time. From the best products to recipes and how-to guides, we aim to cover everything you need to know about kitchen stuff.

What is our primary goal?

Our mission is to save you time and effort in finding the best products for your kitchen, so you can cook with pleasure. Note that we not only pick the products that we consider the best for most people, but also try to figure out the most frequent situation people face and also review some products that can be great for your particular situation. In most cases, we look at products that have already proved to be popular among real buyers.

How do we do our research?

We generally split our research into two parts – theoretical and practical.

At the theoretical stage, we analyze what people would like to have in their kitchens and what requests are the most common. Understanding it is crucial for us to pick what you might really need. Then, we check what products are the most popular and analyze whether this popularity is real or inflated. We do this by consulting experts and trusted sources such as Consumer Reports and checking verified customer reviews. Such tools as Fakespot and ReviewMeta, as well as our own analyzing techniques, help us toss out unreliable opinions.

At the practical stage, we pick and review the most popular and highest-quality products and recommend the ones that we find to be the very best. To make the buying process easier for you, we list and explain their key features so that you can compare the products with each other easily.

Are our reviews unbiased?

Although we participate in the Amazon Services Associates Program to earn for working on this site, we are never biased when it comes to picking the products to review and including them in our lists of the best. We are free to choose any products available online based on their actual features and customer reviews, and we never accept any payments from manufacturers to rate up their products on our lists.

What if you didn’t find something on our site?

We try our best to cover everything you’d like to have in your kitchen, however, if you haven’t found anything, go to the Contact Us page for further instructions and let us know what you would like to see on our website. Our team is always happy to help you out!

Our team




Judith is a fairy in the world of writing: she manages to turn any topic (far not only a kitchen-related) into an entertaining text that is so easy and educating to read. Fond of gardening, reading, and cooking, of course.




Marian is in charge of making all of our texts flawless, eliminating the possible grammar and spelling mistakes. When not at work, Marian dedicates time to her hobbies – scrapbooking and sewing.



Expert Consultant

Emily has over 10 years of professional experience using, testing and comparing kitchen appliances. Her knowledge helps to easily and naturally solve everyday problems. She is also the owner of the lifestyle blog emilyreviews.com



Expert Consultant

Being a mother and a wife, Rosa knows for sure how to get the most out of any kitchen appliance from mixer to sous vide machine.




Before becoming a part of the CookSpot team, Donna was specializing at creating menus for the local cafes, bars, and restaurants. She loves to turn everything, edible or not, into a photo masterpiece.



Content Manager

Jefrey is currently a student, he studies Law and dreams of becoming a successful attorney. Meanwhile, he helps us put all of the article elements together so that each review is easy to read and navigate.